How does luck work

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are we really in control?

For 10 years i believed that luck never existed and i defended that belief fiercely. If you read some of my older articles that were written more than 6 or 7 years ago you would realize that i never believed in luck.

In the past few month i spend a lot of free time trying to explore myself, the universe , the theory of luck and what i found was astonishing.

We humans are control freaks, most of us are, we would do anything to stay in control or just to believe that we are in control. I personally love to be in control of all aspects of my life. I realized that by not believing in life i am allowing myself to feel in control because i was too afraid to admit that something in my life is beyond my control.

In other words, while some people use luck as an excuse to give up or escape from responsibility others believe that luck doesn't exist because they are too afraid to admit that some things are really out of our control. (see Self deception examples)

The theory of luck

Had you been living alone on planet earth luck might have never been there but because we are surrounded by people and events that we have no control over there are so many things that can happen to us, good or bad, without we even do anything. (see the image above, you are the red ball while the people who affect you are the blue ones)

Lets take Steve jobs as an example. He was brilliant, persistent, creative, assertive, confident, visionary and many other things but:

  • 1) He met Woz by coincidence: Woz invented the PC that Jobs marketed. Jobs didn't invent it
  • 2) Job's father taught him how to assemble things: Without this step there would have been no Apple
  • 3) Job's developed Passion for electronics: Where did this passion come from? What if it wasn't there?
  • 4) Job's real father abandoned him: The desire to change the world came from his unconscious desire to prove that he is worthy
  • 5) Jobs learned calligraphy: Without that course he wouldn't have excelled at design and while taking the course he never knew what he is going to do with it.

I can give tens of examples. Just read the extremely detailed story of any successful person and you would find that in addition to the person's great qualities there were so many other things out of his control that contributed directly to his success.

Luck and timing

Google tried to clone Facebook but they failed.
Facebook tried to Clone Snapchat but they failed.
Microsoft tried to clone the Ipod but they failed.

What can those facts tell you about the world? All of those companies had the best minds and infinite resources. Why they failed then?

Because timing is a part of the luck theory. If you did the right thing in the wrong time it will fail. If you did it a bit earlier you might fail while if you did it a bit later you will also fail.

In order for success to happen you need to do the right things at the right time after coming across the right things.

Some people call this Luck, I call it God's deeds.

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