5 Reasons Steve jobs was so influential

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why is Steve jobs one of the most interesting people

Steve jobs is one of the most brilliant people in the history of tech companies. He founded apple , got kicked out of it then founded Pixar, made it successful then got back to apple and didn't just save it from extinction but made it one of the most successful companies that ever existed.

Had Steve succeeded once in his life without facing any setbacks his character wouldn't have been that interesting but the fact that he rose 3 times from scratch makes him one of the legends of silicon valley.

In the past few months i have read a lot and watched many videos about Steve and from the material i a have been through i managed to make very important conclusions about the factors that made him that influential. There are so many factors that made Steve jobs that successful but i summarized the most important ones, according to my point of view, in the next few paragraphs.

5 Reasons Steve jobs was so influential

  • 1) He was very convincing: When you know more about Steve's life you will discover that one of the main factors that helped him become the Steve jobs we know today was his ability to convince people easily. Many of the meetings Steve made with other people resulted in deals that changed his life and his business path to a great extent.
  • 2) He never took no for answer: Steve never took a no for an answer. He was famous for being extremely bold in his demands and for repeating the same question over and over until he gets an answer. People used to avoid direct confrontation with him because they knew that he was so convincing that they will be forced to agree on terms they don't like
  • 3) He cared about the product more than the money: Steve never cared about money. His net worth was 100 million when he was thirty and he was a billionaire few years later but his main focus was creating a lasting company and not becoming rich. He knew great companies live after their founders are gone and this is why his main focus was creating amazing products
  • 4) He wanted to change lives: Many people have a limited ambition. They want a nice car, a good career and that's it but for Steve things were different. He wanted to change people's lives and make them better through this products and this is why we still mention his name even though he is not here anymore
  • 5) He never cared about reality: How many times you got a reality shock? Steve didn't care much about reality! He forced the engineers working with him to create products that were by any means impossible to produce before apple was there. Whether its the insanely slim Mac-book or the extremely sophisticated iPhone it's jobs Vision and his denial of reality that inspired them

How can you benefit from that?

Steve's life is a proof that impossible is nothing once you have enough persistence to pursue your dreams. He saw the computer and dreamed of making it a household device when all large companies thought computers would never be sold to the ordinary person and within few years they were all following his path.

Because he believed in himself so much he managed to convince people to believe in him and that's why he became the legend we know today. No matter what your dream is have faith and hold on to it until it becomes a reality.

We live in this life bound by rules that others create and that's why we never achieve our true potential. Steve was one of the people who rebelled against those rules and proved that they can be broken. Yes the path isn't easy, the price you will pay is high but if you did it right you might be the next jobs.

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