The only requirement for success is

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

A successful business that puts people down

There is a relatively popular website out there that has the goal of putting people down. They sell products that can make you less motivated and that can help you feel bad fast.

For example one of their popular products is a poster that says "The journey of a thousand miles....never ends"

Another poster that they sell says "Potential: Not everybody becomes an astronaut when they grow up". A third poster says "Believe in yourself because the rest of us think that you are an idiot"

Moreover their logo is a sad face, their page is called despair inc and their mission is to sell demotivating products to people. (see How to get motivated)

Now lets go to the funny part, that business is considered successful! Judging from their Alexa Rank and site design its obvious that this site is making good sales. They are even a registered company in the USA.

Now lets go back years before that business started and lets imagine people's responses when the founder told them about his "weird" idea:

"Hey guys, i want to create a business to demotivate people and make them sad"
Or even "motivation is overrated lets sell products that make people less motivated"
Or in a smart way "motivated people aren't realistic, lets bring them back to reality"

As weird as this sounds there is a great possibility that something like that happened. And in the end the business become successful!

The only requirement for success is

Even if your product sucks
Even if you are selling products that can make people's life harder
Even if you are selling totally useless products

Ever thought that someone would buy a poster that says
"Believe in yourself because the rest of us believe that you are an idiot"

Its actually being sold on that site! They also sell a mug that says the "glass is always empty deal with it"

So how come can such a business become successful?
Here is the explanation from a psychological point of view.

Each person in the world goes through certain experiences that shape his personality ,desires and needs. As a result people grow up with extremely different personalities.

What is right for someone might seem totally wrong for the another. What is rational for one person might seem totally irrational for another person.

In other words, there will always be people out there who will like what you do even if it was considered nonsense by the rest of the world! Your goal is to find those people!

How to become successful

In the Ultimate guide to becoming rich i said that finding the people who believe in your idea isn't simple because before you can find them there is a great possibility that you will come across many who won't like what you are doing.

Most people give up on their businesses and dreams after getting few rejections simply because they assume that if a sample didn't like their idea then the population won't and that's totally wrong.

For example a site like despair inc would seem irrational to most people but out there in the world there are people who love it, visit it and even buy from it.

In short, any idea in the world can succeed because humans have so many differences in such a way that there will always be a group of people out there who will like whatever you are doing.

Just persist until you find those people and don't let rejections stop you.

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