How commitment leads to success

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do so many people fail to succeed

Back in 2006 i noticed that so many bloggers were making lots of good money online. Because i was interested in psychology i started my own blog about it. During that time i came across hundreds of similar blog and i was really wondering whether i can win in that tough competition or not.

I wrote down the list of the 500 similar blogs that were around back then. And guess what happened when i tried visiting all of those blogs years later?

I found that more than 60% of them are no longer online. 30% were not updated in months and about 9 percent updated every few weeks.

In other words 99% of the bloggers gave up on their blogs.
Here is a fact about success that few people know: Sometimes you win not because you are the best but because you were the last man standing after everyone else have given up.

Why do so many people give up?

There are so many reasons that could lead to giving up but the most important ones in my point of view are:

  • 1) Not understanding what you are about to go through: The road to success is full of pain. There will be really bad days, there will be days where you will think of giving up and there will be days where you will wonder why are you putting yourself through all of this pain. People who don't understand how the road to success is like give up when they start suffering. The only way to keep going is to understand that each moment of pain is a part of the price you are paying in order to reach your goals
  • 2) Ignoring sustainability when you set your daily routine: Ever had a friend who started exercising aggressively each and every day then quit after few weeks? The most important thing you should take into consideration when setting your daily routine is sustainability. If you take a small but bearable step everyday instead of a big but unbearable one you will be able to continue to the end and make it. I practice MMA with my friends. Many of them train so many times a week and i just go once because i know that my schedule won't allow me to commit on the long term for more than once a week. Now what happened after 3 month is that so many of my friends already quit because they couldn't handle that tough schedule for weeks.
  • 3) Not understanding that its a game of surviving: The road to success is very similar to a marathon. Those who can keep their strength to the end are those who win. 2knowmyself survived and made it to the Top 100K websites on the internet (according to Alexa) because i was taking baby steps each single day for 5 years. Each month there are very few days where i miss my daily tasks but during the rest of the month i do the same important steps every day. So many people start with a lot of energy only to end up giving up after not being able to commit to their daily tasks. In other words, if you managed to survive you will make it

How to commit to your tasks

Design your daily routine while putting in mind that you need to stick to it until you make it. Have you met any person who lost a great amount of weight and remained like that for a long period of time?

That person is the one who loses weight slowly but gradually. That person makes small but sustainable changes in his diet and life style and that's why he survives to the end. Those who start an aggressive diet usually return back to their old shape within weeks.

In other words success is all about sustainability. Make sure you survive to the end and you will make it.

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