The reason you are not successful

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How does success happen?

30 days ago i launched optimistnet A social network for motivational and positive posts only. In the first month we got 170,000 page view, thousands of registered users and people made more than 10,000 positive posts!

Of course this is still a limited success but if we kept on with that rate we will certainly become a big social network in the near future. Its worth to mention that 2knowmyself, my current successful business, started getting 1,000,000 hits a month after 4 or 5 years, now optimistnet almost got 20 percent of that number in 1 month!

Now what does this has to do with you?
When many of the people who knew about optimistnet saw that fast growth rate they assumed that this happened by chance and that success is all about luck.

Now to know exactly why that social network grew that fast in just one month you need to go few years back with me.

Flash back to 2012

I 2012 i decided to start a social network with the bold goal of becoming a self made billionaire. (see My question to the billion). I took the needed steps and started the site After 2 month of trying we discovered that the idea was so complex for people to grasp it and so we had to quit working on it.

Few month later i gathered my developer friends and told them about starting some kind of an online game that could be as successful as farm ville. After 3 month of working on the project the developers lost their enthusiasm and left me alone. I had to quit because i am no longer a programmer and i had no time to relearn programming once again. I just wanted to free my time to look for more business ideas.

Few month later i came up with a brilliant idea and went to a software house to help me implement it. I paid them around 7000 USD and after 6 month of waiting they never delivered the website.

I didn't give up and decided to fix my mistake this time by working with someone who is punctual and not a procrastinator. I found a good free lancer and told him about my latest idea, optimistnet, a social network for positive posts only.

The developer completed optimistnet pretty fast and he is about to finish the mobile app as well. The site took off fast because i gained so much experience from the failed social networks i tried to start before.

optimistnet is my 5th or 6th attempt to start a social network (can't really remember) and this is why its on its way to become succesful.

Why did success happen?

  • 1)I kept going forward even though i was failing: Even though i failed few times i just kept going forward and never gave up. My big dream is to start a social network that becomes really popular and this time it seems that i am on the right track
  • 2) I learned from my mistakes: The main reason optimistnet took off fast in my opinion is the failure of spotograph. I fixed every mistake i made in spotograph when i started optimistnet and this is why it took off fast (See also Why some people never learn from their mistakes)
  • 3) Its all about the combined experience: In my book From 0 to 1 million dollars i said that when someone succeeds its because of the combined experience he has collected after failing so many times. Apple wasn't Steve jobs' first company, Zynga wasn't mark Pincus first attempt and the Oprah show wasn't Oprah first attempt to become a TV mogul

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