why aren't people interested in your products or business

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The psychology of consumers

If you are new to 2knowmyelf then most probably you don't know that 2knowmyself made me a millionaire in few years. (see my book How i did it)

The first thing i did when i started my online business back in 2006 is that i announced its launch on Facebook then waited for people to visit my site but what i realized is that no one was interested in visiting it!

This puzzled me for so long because after all i knew that some of my friends have certain bad emotions that they were battling with and i was sure that 2knowmyself can help them get rid of these bad emotions. I kept wondering why doesn't a person who is in need of something go and grab it?

Later on i discovered that i was making a serious mistake, i was marketing my business without addressing people's needs or showing them that my business can help them with their needs.

If you started a new business or tried to sell a product then no one will be interested in your product until you convince him in a way or another that this product can help him solve one of the very important problems he has. (see also Why do people find certain things interesting)

In the case of 2knowmyself.com saying that i started a new online business didn't bring any customers simply because most people are only interested in meeting their own needs.

When i knew this fact i started marketing my business is a different way. Instead of announcing the business itself i started announcing the site's ability to heal depression & emotional pain and the response was completely different.

why aren't people interested in your products or business

People get interested in whatever can help them serve their best interests. When depressed people saw a message that might help them solve their depression problem they were eager to find out what was the site about.

Back then my site had more than 70 topics but the reason i chose to market only one topic is that i wanted the site to seem like a perfect soloution to this one problem so that i attract the people interested in it.

Later on i started a new campaign Targeting shyness then another one targeting self confidence. In other words i wasn't marketing the site itself anymore but i was just connecting people to the way the site can help them.

Here is another good example of how you should market your products: Some people started a new video sharing website for Arabic videos. Those people didn't simply announce the website directly because they knew that no one would be interested in visiting the site even if he wanted to watch Arabic videos.

Instead those people created marketing campaigns featuring videos of some of the hottest events that were happening at that time in the Arab world. Because most people were interested in knowing more about these events they clicked on the ads, visited the site and got to know that this site offers Arabic videos.

You have to market your products and business indirectly

In order to market your products and business successfully you need to do that indirectly, here are the steps you need to take:

  • Forget about your business: Don't go on posting things like "check out my site" or "here is my new product" simply because people won't be interested in anything except the things that can help them solve their own problems (see Motivation and individual needs)
  • Find out the problems that you can solve: Find out the problems your product can help people solve. Try to understand people's needs and find out what you would need the most if you were in their shoes
  • Let the campaign target those needs: After you find those specific needs create different campaigns that show people how they can get rid of their problems using your products

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