How to be persistent in business

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to be persistent in business

How to be persistent in business?

Everyone knows that persistence is one of the essential elements of success in business and in all life fields and despite of that many people fail to become persistent.

The main reason people fail to become persistent in business is not that they lack a certain quality but its because they lack the correct understanding of persistence itself.

2knowmyself is my main business now and i can mention more than one situation where persistence prevented it from disappearing but one recent situation which is happening now can help you get a very clear idea of what persistence is.

In this article i will tell you how to be persistent in business by giving you a real life example that i am living right now.

This is how to be persistent in business

Most people think that persistent people are ones who don't feel bad, sad or disappointed when they face an obstacle while in fact that's completely wrong. People who are persistent in business aren't the ones who don't experience such emotions but they are the ones who keep going even if they are experiencing all of them together.

For those of you who don't know i am Egyptian and i live in Alexandria in Egypt. As a result of the protests that happened in January 2011 the government suddenly decided to cut the internet connection completely!!

I know that without being able to access my commercial website my business was certainly going to be doomed. At this point i had the choice of giving up or becoming persistent and saving my business even though i was feeling really bad and helpless.

I tried every possible way to connect to the internet and the result was a total failure. With each failed attempt i felt even worse because time was running out. I made more than 50 attempts to access the internet using different methods. One of them was traveling to Cairo and getting inside one of the few companies that had internet access ( i was impersonating someone who works there!!)

Had i not been persistent i would have gave up on my business but i kept going. Within few days i decided to leave the country just to access the internet and i managed to make it to Jordan (that's where i am writing this article).

In order to become persistent in business you don't need to have special powers or genes but you just have to promise yourself that you will never stop even if everything went against you.

Without persistence your business will never survive

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that Businesses don't survive because they are good but they do survive because of the persistent leaders behind them who refuse to give up.

I have faced many challenges that threatened the existence of my business over the past few years and each time persistence, after God's blessings, was the reason the business survived.

Businesses don't fail because of obstacles but they fail when leaders stop being persistent in the face of those obstacles.

Do you know how you can become persistent in business?
By deciding that you will keep going on even if the whole world went against you.

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