why do women need more time to develop emotions for someone than men

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The psychology of physcial attraction

What makes a person attractive?
Why do women get attracted to certain types of men and why do men get attracted to certain types of women?

According to the findings of the latest studies and the recent data coming from brain imaging studies men get attracted to the most fertile woman while women get attracted to the best caregiver or resource provider. (see also How men and women perceive attractiveness)

Both men and women were designed in such a way that they get attracted to the person who will ultimately lead to a healthy family that has many offspring.

All what attracts men to women were found to be signs of female fertility. Of course men rarely realize this fact else you would have found a man saying "i love her, she is so fertile".

Instead men were coded in such a way that they find the fertile woman more attractive without actually realizing that they were attracted to her because she is fertile.

The low waist to hip ratio, the full lips, the large eyes, small chin and the feminine look are all indicators that reflect the good levels of female hormone a certain woman has.

Why do women need more time to develop emotions for someone than men

Because men were designed to get attracted to the most fertile women most of them can pick up the woman of their dreams during the first meeting if not at the first sight! (see also Love at first sight psychology)

Women were designed differently! Instead of looking for the most fertile man they were designed to look for the best caregiver or the best father for the children.

Of course physcial looks are important to women as well because they are a good indicator of good health and better quality genes but looks alone can't tell if a man will become a good father. (see also Do women care about looks)

that's why women need more time to assess the personal qualities of a man (including his personality and other resources) before they can tell whether he is the man of their dreams or not. (see What turns women on)

When it comes to developing feelings of attraction men are like lighters and women are like ovens. While a man can heat up instantly with a single push button women need some more time to collect important data about the man who seems interesting before they can judge whether he can became a good future partner or not.

Long term vs short term relationships

In my book attraction psychology explained i said that studies found that women who seek a short term partner put more weight to physical looks and usually get attracted to the macho man who appears more masculine.

Such women can take less time to develop feelings for such a man. On the other hand it was found that women who seek a long term partner take more time assessing that partner's qualities before they get strongly attached to him.

In other words a woman will spend more time assessing a man's qualities if her ultimate goal was marriage.

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