Will smith talks about the secrets of success

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Does success happen by coincidence?

Some people think that success happens by coincidence and the reason they think this way is that they see the end result of success without knowing what the successful person has to go through.

The most dangerous thing about such a belief is that it prevents a person from working hard simply because he never realizes that those who succeeded have done so much hard work.

I watched a video where will smith was talking about secrets of success and i was really impressed by the clear way with which he described the road to success. Before i go on analyzing the video you first need to see it.

Will smith talks about the secrets of success

Will talked about so many important points in his video but those are the ones that caught my attention the most:

  • 1) Talent vs skill: So many people say that they can't reach their goals because they are not skilled. Will said that skill is developed by hours and hours of training. He said "You could be more talented than me but i will wake up earlier and train more until i become better than you". In other words the guy meant that skill beats talent and not the opposite.(see also How to learn any skill)
  • 2) Ready to die for his goals: Will said that he is the kind of person who is ready to die on the treadmill. Even if you are more skilled than him he will still beat you by the fact that he would rather die than give up. This reminds me of another great quote which says "It's The man who is willing to die who is going to win the fight"
  • 3) It's all about believing: Will said that he who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually right. Just as i said in many of my articles your beliefs don't just determine how you see the world but they are also responsible for your levels of motivation. If you believe there is no way out your subconscious mind will never motivate you and vise versa
  • 4)Being realistic is the road to mediocrity: Will said that being realistic is the most commonly traveled way to mediocrity. Doesn't this make sense? Was it realistic to think about letting a piece of metal fly with in it people from a country to a country? Was it realistic to think that someone in china would be able to see someone in south Africa while each of them is still in his country? Was it realistic to think about inventing the television? If any of the great people you know about were realistic then they wouldn't have been great.
  • 5) Serious Passion: From the first few seconds of the video it was very obvious to me that will is extremely passionate about his work. I didn't conclude it from his words but rather from the way he talks. Did you notice how he looked like while talking about his work or mission in life? Just as Steve jobs said passion is the key to success

Final words

Will smith was famous and successful before you even heard about him. He was famous and successful when he developed those beliefs about life and then his beliefs changed his world and made you see him the way he is now.

In my book From 0 to 1 million dollars i said that success is all about changing your beliefs about life and replacing the incorrect ones with the right ones. The best way to fix such beliefs is to learn from those who already did it and Will smith is a perfect example.

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