Success story of Morgan freeman

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do so many people have false beliefs about success

The reason so many people have false beliefs about success is that they see the final result of hard work then assume that it was an act of luck.

Have you heard about Morgan Freeman?
If you are into Hollywood movies then you certainly know that he is one of the most respected Hollywood actors who was nominated for the Oscar prize many times and won it.

That's exactly what most people know about Morgan freeman but do you have any idea about the struggles he had been through before he became famous and successful?

Lets quickly go through Morgan's early life to find out whether success happens by chance or not.

Success story of Morgan freeman

Morgan Freeman was born in the united states in a time where the Jim craw laws discriminated against blacks. Under the pressure of these laws his family had to move to another place to live a better life.

Morgan was passionate about acting and he used to spend all of his money to watch movies. He tried so many times to become an actor but it didn't work. At the end he found himself working as a pilot in the air force.

After some time Morgan realized that his real passion is for acting and so he decided to continue perusing his acting career. Morgan was 45 years with no big success. But as he kept trying and trying he hit success at the age of 50 where he finally acted in popular movies.

by the age of 67 Morgan Freeman won the Oscar in his performance in the film "Million dollar baby"

Lessons to learn from Morgan Freeman's Life

  • 1) You think you are late? he did it at 67!: Do you think you are late? Morgan freeman started becoming successful at the age of 50! As long as you are passionate about something its never too late. (see also Am i too old to start over?)
  • 2) Is it luck? or persistence?: In my book From 0 to 1 million dollars i said that one has to go through many failures before achieving success.Morgan failed so many times and hit his forties without making any big success but because he was very persistent he managed to make it at his 50s. In other words its not about luck but its about trying and trying until you do it
  • 3) Follow your passion: I am not going to tell you that you will never make it if you don't have passion but certainly its much easier to succeed at something that you love than something that you hate. Find your passion and follow it, if you did so your chances of success will become much higher

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