How to become successful fast

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is it possible to become successful fast?

Yes its quite possible. The world around us is full of examples of people who did it early in life. The teen who became a millionaire because he created a successful website, the guy who sold his app for billions to a large tech company and the comedian who became famous overnight because of a Youtube video.

The internet have made the time needed for success much shorter even if your profession had nothing to do with the tech world. For example a song like Gangam style couldn't have been popular that fast if the internet wasn't there.

Long ago it would have taken 10 times more effort to reach the same level of success and of course the time needed would have been much longer.

But while there are many examples of quick success out there, is it a good thing to target quick success?

How to become successful fast

If you spoke with any successful person you would quickly realize that things doesn't always go as planned. You might plan to make a certain achievement in 6 month then something totally unexpected happens that prevents you from reaching your goal on time.

Most successful people have been through series of disappointments and failures before they became who they are. Because success usually happens as a result of the accumulated experience people collect from their failures it doesn't make any sense to assume that you will make it fast.

Yes you can succeed from the first attempt but generally most people never make it before they fail many times. Even those who seem to have succeeded from the first attempt might have actually failed before starting the one one business that quickly took off.

For example Farm ville might have seemed like an instant success but the truth is that there were so many failures that lead its founder to the keys of success. (see also Success story of Zynga)

Aim for fast success but don't assume life works that way

I strongly encourage you to aim for fast success but don't assume that this is how life works. Slow and gradual progress is the way most successful people have followed until they made it.

Yes in some rare cases you might find a chance that pushes you forward quickly but what if you didn't find that chance? What if you faced a lot of difficulties on the way? What if you failed few times?

If your goal was quick success and nothing but it then certainly any of these setbacks will force you to lose hope and feel disappointed. It took me 5 years to make 2knowmyself popular even though some sites become popular in 6 month.

Yes one day i can start something that becomes popular quick but that's not the general rule. The general rule is that you have to be patient and persistent until you make it.

Take a step everyday even if it was a small one and eventually you will make it. If you managed to became successful fast then that would be awesome but if you didn't then just remind yourself that it takes time for success to happen.

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