How to become famous and fast (A true story)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The mentality of the defeated

In Egypt we have a serious problem with personal development. The majority of youth don't have high hopes for the future, they strongly believe in luck and think that a good coincidence is the only way to make it to the top.

But from within the people who think negatively and have incorrect beliefs there are always ones who rise up in the so called unfavorable enviroment and prove to the others that success is all about beliefs and not the enviroment.

Alaa is a young guy who lives in Alexandria and he is also a close friend. When he was 17 or 18 he told me that he has the dream of becoming a famous standup comedian but he was worried because so many people were putting him down.

El Mowaten El Masry and his Cat (The Character Alaa created)

How to become famous and fast (A true story)

Alaa started perusing his dream but he faced lots of problems during his journey. First of all he wasn't known at that time, he was new to the field and there weren't so many events that he could join at that time.

Alaa was very persistent to keep holding onto his dream for years while joining every possible underground standup comedy event. Shortly he made it to the more popular events but still he was just a yet another good comedian with no real competitive edge.

Alaa turned to youtube and started making comedy videos. I was personally following each of his steps and it was obvious that the videos weren't that popular even though they were really good.

One day Alaa thought of coming up with a new funny character and posting that character's funny comments about politics on youtube. Within few month his youtube channel got more than 1,000,000 views, he became a web celebrity and a phenomenon among internet users.

At the same time the show of the most famous comedian in Egypt, Bassem yousef, was stopped for unknown reasons and the producers had to look for alternatives. Alaa and few other brilliant comedians were chosen to sign a contract with the same company that used to produce the most popular comedy show in the middle east.

How success happens? Is it the enviroment or the person?

For a typical person with incorrect beliefs about life and success Alaa is just considered a lucky guy who created a famous Youtube video that made him popular overnight.

But for someone who was following his foot steps since he began working on his dream years ago its pretty obvious that the only reason he became popular today is that he had a lot of persistence.

People who have negative beliefs just see the end of the story then try to explain the whole scenario using terms such as luck or coincidence. Had they knew what happened before a person became successful or popular they would have never thought that way.

Lessons to learn from Alaa's story

  • 1) Its all about the person not the enviroment: Egypt is not the best place to pursue your dreams because of the economic and political problems we currently have but every successful person knows that success has nothing to do with where you live but rather with who you are and who you really want to be. Alaa would have done the same whether he was living in the united states, India or any where in the world. Its because he had a dream and he decided to fight for it until it come true (see also Self deception examples)
  • 2) Success doesn't happen overnight: Even though Alaa's videos became popular very quickly he would have never managed to do them that way if he wasn't trying to find a great idea for years. Its the accumulated experience he acquired through the years that helped him come up with a new powerful idea. (see Why does success take so long)
  • 3) Brilliant people get rejected: Alaa went through many failed attempts before he achieved this level of popularity. Some people think that life should move in a straight line and that getting rejected once or twice means that they are no good while the truth is the more you try the luckier you get
  • 4) It all starts with a dream: When you know what you really want and when you find your passion you will find a tremendous amount of motivation pushing you forward until you achieve your dreams

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