How to change my bad luck

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can luck be changed?

Are some people born lucky?
Am I unlucky?
Can we change our luck??
Wouldn’t it be great to be lucky with everything in your life?

We’ve all watched on TV people win the lottery, or met people find a great job and live a wonderful life that they want. Watching these people gave us hope to wait for our luck to change, even at the back of our minds we were waiting to be lucky one day.

With this in mind, we really have two options now. we can wait for it to come to us or we can change it ourselves. It’s exactly like either waiting for the lottery or working to get money. Both do bring money, but what are the odds for each?

Fact: 20% of the people own 80% of the wealth

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Pareto’s Principle before but if you haven’t, it describes the unequal distribution of wealth. After Pareto created his formula, many observed similar phenomena in other areas as well.

Anyways, this principle speaks about how 20% of the people own 80% of the wealth.
So what does the Pareto rule have to do with luck?

Even though everyone is responsible for creating their own luck or waiting for it, few have actually taken responsibility to attract it. Were they lucky? or did they decide to bring more luck into their lives?

Maybe we were all born with different resources, but we can reach almost anywhere with what we’ve got. Most millionaires around the world started with very little and many times nothing.

That’s most. So why not join the 20% who decided to own their luck?
You worked hard but things skewed? Then get back up and re-plan. Did that, but it didn’t work? Then re-plan again and find another way.

Or you can wait for luck to luckily come instead if you want to take the risk and wait.
Looking at the 20 top people, they all have three very distinguished characteristics, which you will instantly observe in any successful person as well:

1) Good knowledge of whatever they are doing
2) Self-discipline to achieving their goals
3) Belief that they will achieve

How you can change your bad luck

Why waste time starting to learn something on your own from the beginning, when other people have spent their lives collecting the information?

In order to change your luck, you must see all the things that are bothering you in your life, which you define as bad luck and read so much about it.

You see, most people don’t do that, not only that but they don’t even spend the little time identifying what they actually need to learn about. One thing is for sure though, the more you know about something, the more you deal with it in a much better way.

Every piece of information you get, will always give you an edge, and this is why the 20% we’re talking about focus their effort on the information they need to know.

Never stop learning. If you want to get good at something related to your dream, don’t stop reading and collecting information about it and about how to achieve it. I promise you with time, you will love where you are at with this information.

Edison once said “If I want to discover something, I begin by reading up everything that has been done along that line in the past.”

Be stubborn to change your luck

Look, you ‘ain’t goin’ no where’ without discipline.
Discipline to go after your dreams.

It is very important, if not the very first thing you must change and learn. To be even more specific, you must start with your self-discipline with time.

I have seen so many people who have totally given up on believing they can change it about themselves and today are really celebrating finally doing it. This needs reading and practice.

But I can give you a few advice that you can start with and will work for you as self-discipline advices to achieving your goals and dreams. Ones that are simple, and will really work for you:

  • 1) Don’t give up when it’s not working: When it doesn’t work, re-plan again and start again. Don’t EVER tell yourself it’s not working for me because it simply didn’t work for everyone else in the beginning. (see Why you should embrace failure)
  • 2) Nighttime List: always write your to do list at night. This way you don’t wake up the next morning and procrastinate on even writing it. Also this way your mind is ready and you know what you are supposed to do this day, instead of wandering around doing things while you wished you would have been productive with other things.
  • 3) Don’t stick with strict time in the beginning if it’s not easy for you:
    If it’s not working for you to wake up earlier, or do something at a specific time, then don’t. Be more concerned about finishing off your to-do list instead. You’ll be proud when you tick off your task.With time, when you build consistency which is the most important thing, try making few adjustments with sticking to specific times as you wish, but bit by bit. (see also how to reach your goals faster)
  • 4) Once you start don’t leave your task until you’re done.:
    Move away from anything distracting, silence your phone and turn it the other way round, turn off your email notifications, and NEVER check your social network accounts. No, you can’t check them because you’re dying to know what happened. Yeah, I know, no, you still can’t. Hang on until you’re done. Prepare your drink before you start if this is what you usually get up to do, and visit your rest room.
  • 5) Start practicing self-discipline with a few tasks: Don’t overwhelm yourself. Your goal is to FIRST build consistency. So start with as few as 5 tasks per day, make sure they are important ones. When you are finally consistent, start adding more tasks, bit by bit. If you feel productive and want to work more after you have finished your daily tasks, go ahead, but when you plan for the next day, that doesn’t mean it’s time to increase your daily to-do tasks just yet.

Final words about changing your luck

Finally, believe you will achieve what you want. I know that many people don’t have belief in their abilities. But there is a rule to life, the harder you work, the more you achieve. The more you know, the better you will do.

No matter who you are. This is the rule.
Life is not like school, it’s not the smartest people who reach their goals. If you look at the biographies of the riches people in the world you will realize that they were common people with mediocre intelligence but it was their consistence in continuing to work on achieving their dreams that made them achieve.

You know, I once read a quote from Charles Schulz, a cartoonist, who put it in a very simple way that I loved. He said, "Life is like a 10-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use."

The more you learn, and the harder you work, the more gears you’ll use.
If you however, believe in your skills, but the people around you put you down, my advice to you is please stop listening to them.

Instead, listen to this inner voice inside you that wants to change your luck.

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