How your failures can help you succeed

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

3 Failed attempts

In early 2012 i was passionate about starting a social network so i started a site called Spotograph. Spotograph was a brilliant idea but after 2 month of trying we only got 60 registered users. We realized that we made several mistakes that made it hard for people to understand the way the site works.

During the third month we decided to quit and so the project was abandoned. In late 2012 i kept meeting my friends who were interested in starting a social network to brainstorm for ideas but shortly i discovered that none of my friends were motivated to follow the path i wanted to follow.

The mistake of not choosing the right people resulted in wasting 5 more months and another failure.

By the end of 2013 i thought of an idea for a third social network and so i hired some developers to work on it. After 4 month i discovered that the developers were incompetent and that the project won't be lunched anytime soon.

I parked the site aside with its technical issues and started my fourth social network, optimistnet, the social network for positivity and motivation.

How your failures can help you succeed

In the first month Optimist net got near 200,000 page views and before the third month arrived we had 7,000 registered users and 20,000 posts made by those users.

In the Ultimate guide to becoming rich i said that Most people assume that success happens instantly and overnight. So many people thought that i was lucky to achieve those numbers in the first few month but had any person looked deeper he would have discovered that the success we made was the result of the previous failures.

In each failed attempt i made several mistakes and i wrote them down. With each new attempt i used to fix the mistakes i did earlier in the previous attempts.

In other words there is an incremental learning process that happens as you keep failing and trying again. In one attempt you might realize that you didn't hire the right team, in the other attempt you might learn something about marketing that you weren't aware of ...etc.

After some failed attempts you will know exactly what you need to do in order to make it and this is how success happens.

How do you see failure?

Do you know why do so many people fail?
Its because they look at failure from a different angle. They think that failure is a bad thing that can't be tolerated. People who think that way develop fear of failure and never take the chance.

And because success can hardly happen without failures those people never make it. The right way to look at failure is to consider it a normal part of your learning curve.

You will learn more with each failed attempt until you will know exactly what you need to do in order to make it. In short You have nothing to lose if you failed because you will just be adding to your knowledge.

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