How many rejections should i get before giving up

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I got rejected

If you have read any success story before then most probably you already know that almost 99% of successful people got rejected so many times before they made it.

Even if it seemed like success happened from the first attempt after digging more you would discover than in most cases there was another unrelated failure that lead to that success.

For example Linkedin might seem like it was an instant success but when you read more you will discover that its founder started a social network that totally failed earlier.

Many people who understand that concept ask "How many times should i get rejected before i quit?". In this article i will answer that question.

My Rejection Story with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the top ways to monetize your website (make money online from your site). I started a new site (not 2knowmyself) and applied for Google Adsense but my application Got rejected.

So i applied again but it got rejected again. At this point i thought of applying using a different site just to get a valid account but my application was rejected as well.

After the 5th attempt (not sure of the number) i gave up for few days. I just thought i couldn't monetize my site using Adsense and i started searching for other products. After few days i decided to give it another try and this time i got a rejection Email saying that my site doesn't have much text and so it would not be possible for Google to display ads on it.

In other words the rejection was because of a reason that can't be changed. I really don't know why i kept trying (maybe i took it as a challenge?) but i just kept submitting my application almost every morning.

Each day i used to wake up , have breakfast then resubmit the rejected application again and to be honest i totally lost count of the number of attempts. I think it was more than 20 times or maybe more.

One morning i woke up and found ads already displayed on the site. I logged in to my Adsense account and discovered that the application was accepted!

What could have happened?

But how did the application get accepted after it was rejected for 20 times?

Maybe the person rejecting my application Got bored!
Maybe the site's ranking improved and so they decided to accept it (kept trying for 2 month)
Maybe they thought that i am too persistent to get rejected
Maybe someone else saw my application and decided to accept it

I really don't know what happened but all am sure of is that in order to get anything that you really want in life you need to keep trying until it works.

And of course while trying you should be flexible. I tried around 15 different companies that display ads on sites during that period but their payout was too low.

So when should you give up?
You should never give up.

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