The inspiring success story of Larry Swilling

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Ever found your goals hard to reach?

Ever felt that life is so hard that you have to give up?
Ever felt that you became too old to pursue a goal?
Ever tried few times then gave up before reaching your goal?

If you answered any of those questions with yes then you need to know about Larry Swilling.

Larry, a 77 years old kind man loved his wife so much. He has been with her for 57 years and he reached a point where he could never imagine life without her.

But sadly, Larry's wife suffered from a kidney failure and had to be hospitalized. Larry knew that if his wife got a kidney transplant she could be saved but he didn't have any clue where do find a donor.

After searching for sometime with no luck Larry decided to do something really strange. He wore that wooden sandwich like billboard which had "Need kidney for wife" written on it.

Larry started walking in the streets every day for hours.
Larry also had a day job so he had to do this every single day after completing his full work day!

The inspiring success story of Larry Swilling

Larry walked for 250 miles (or more in some stories). One day he walked 15 miles in a severe hot climate. Larry also had problems in his knees that made walking even harder.

People offered him money but his response was "thank you i just want a kidney for my wife to save her".

Larry kept walking for one complete year! until he was 78 years old!
Yes one full year and in the end he found the right donor and saved his wife.

Larry saved the life of his beloved wife because of his iron will and solid determination.

The difficulties Larry faced

  • He had no time because of his day job
  • He didn't have enough money and his wife needed 4,000 USD a month for treatment
  • He was 78 years old!!
  • He was looking for a very rare thing
  • His health issues weren't helping him

Now back to you

What's your excuse?
Are your goals really hard to reach?
How many miles did you walk in order to reach them?
How old are you?
Are you fighting for what really matters to you?

If you fought for what you wanted the way Larry fought to save his wife you will certainly have it one day.

In my book From 0 to 1 million dollars i said that it's extremely easy to come up with an excuse or to blame someone for your misfortune. Lying to oneself is one of the shortest routes to failure. If you want to see how success really works then pay attention to the success stories of people like Larry Swilling, the 78 years old man who walked 250 miles to save his wife.

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