Is there anything in the world that is impossible to achieve?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is there anything impossible to you?

In a previous article i showed a video of a man slicing a bullet into two pieces using a samurai sword after it was fired at him. My aim in that article was to show you that the human mind can achieve any kind of goal or learn any kind of skill once it directs all of its resources towards it.

That video was conversational because after all not every person would believe that this can really happen but today i am bringing you something that is too realistic to be proven yet too amazing to be true.

Do you think that anything in life is impossible?
Can't you be a famous football player?
Is it really hard to invent something?
Can't you be a millionaire? or even a billionaire?
Is there anyone in the world who can never fall in love with you?

Then let me help you redefine the meaning of the word impossible using the real life story of Richie Parker.

Is there anything in the world that is impossible to achieve?

Richie Parker was born with a rare genetic mutation that prevented his arms from growing. When he was a little kid he started to learn how to use his legs to play with his dog. His parents were extremely worried about how he will manage to live, eat or even survive without 2 arms.

As he grow older Richie started to learn how to do many things using his legs instead of his arms but one day he asked for a very weird thing; He wanted to ride a bicycle just like the other kids!

After so many failed attempts Richie managed to drive a bicycle using his legs and head but he didn't stop here. When he became a teen he decided to drive a car and bought one. After some real hard training Richie learned how to drive a car without arms!

Richie Riding a Bicycle

Richie Driving a car

After sometime Richie felt like he needed to work. He was really passionate about cars that he applied for internship in the best company that manufactures racing cars. During the training period Richie impressed his employer with the fact that he can work on the computer really well using his legs!

Richie Typing on the computer

Because Richie was really good at what he does he got a permanent job at that company as an engineer. Richie doesn't just type on the computer with his legs but he creates extremely complex 3D designs using special software. Its worth to mention that this company is the dream company for so many engineers who are passionate about car design and racing.

Richie's daily tasks doesn't just include typing on the computer and designing complex shapes but he sometimes has to weld parts in the cars and assemble them himself.

Richie Welding car parts! With his legs!

Richie has been working in that company since 8 years. Every morning he drives his car, designs car parts, prepares meals, eats, rides bicycles and does so many other things.

Just like you.
Its just that he has no arms.


Do you think Richie is disabled?
In fact, we are the disable ones. Its not the loss of a limb that makes someone disabled, its the formation of false beliefs that can disable the healthiest man on earth.

If you believe anything in the world is impossible then you are a truly disabled person. Everyone told Richie that he would never be able to ride a bike one day but he didn't just do that; he got a job as an engineer who designs car parts with his legs!

Your mind can achieve whatever you believe in no matter what your resources are.
You have much more resources than Richie. At least you have your arms.
What are your excuses?

True disability comes from the mind not from the lack of resources.
Impossible is nothing unless your brain disabled with false beliefs.

Richie's Story in Video, A must watch

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