How success happens

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Success and the number of attempts

If you have been reading 2knowmyself articles for some time then am sure you have already read somewhere that success happens when you keep trying over and over. But there is an important question here, why can't success just happen from the first attempt?

And why do you have to try more than once (in most cases) in order to succeed?

The reason i want to answer those questions today is that you won't get motivated to try over and over unless you understand why this method works.

After all why would anyone bother repeating over and over if he isn't sure that those repetitions will lead to success?

How success happens

If you read the life story of any actor then most probably you will find that he did many trivial roles before someone discovered him. Now the discovery part means that someone who is powerful enough liked the performance of that actor and so decided to make him popular.

Success works the same way exactly, you just need to show your talent/idea to so many people until you come across the powerful person who can help you.

In my previous article about the success story of pinterest i said that its founder had to struggle for 9 month (one year in other stories) until he came across a blogger who helped his social network kick off.

Ben's idea was seen by thousands of people but when he came across the right powerful person the idea got popular. Had Ben gave up on Pinterest before that blogger heard of it then it would have been another failed project.

In my article My Rejection Story with Google Adsense i explained how my Adsense application was rejected more than 20 times before it was accepted. Again as i kept trying the right person (the right employee) came across my site and believed it deserved to display Adnsense ads.

There will always be someone out there who will believe in you

In the Ultimate guide to becoming rich i said that all you need to do in order to succeed is to keep showing your idea to more people until a powerful person supports it.

Put in mind that its so normal that the majority rejects your idea. After all you don't need all the world to like your idea in order for it to become popular but you just need to come across the few right people or even the right person who can help you make it popular.

If you want to be a famous author then you need to keep submitting your work to different publishing houses until you find the right person who appreciates your talent. If you want to finance your idea then you need to meet tens of investors until you meet the right person and so on.

Put in mind that the world has 7 billion people and this means that there will always be some people out there who will like your idea no matter what it was.

In fact there are terrible things that are really popular just because there are enough people to support them. No matter what your idea is just keep showing it to people and it will certainly work one day.

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