5 personality traits of extremely successful people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are extremely successful people different than us?

Since a long period of time i have been analyzing the personalities of extremely successful people to find out how can someone follow their footsteps. The examples i have been studying aren't the ones who achieved a normal level of success but they are the ones who actually left a mark in the world by their life changing products and businesses.

When you analyze the personalities of successful people, even the ones who haven't made great achievements, you will quickly discover that traits such as persistence, ambition and self motivation are common among them. But when you go further and analyze the traits of those who changed the world you will discover that they share certain specific traits that even other successful people don't have.

Of course there are so many traits that lead to great achievements in life but in this post i will tell you about the most powerful ones in my point of view.

5 personality traits of extremely successful people

  • 1) They know there are no real rules: The minute we are born the world starts to dictate to us it's rules in such a way that we believe that those rules can't be changed. Those who changed the world knew that those rules came from humans who do make mistakes and that they can be questioned and changed. Imagine telling people that you want to invent the airplane long before planes were here. Wouldn't they have said that you are crazy for trying to break the rules?. (see Impossible is nothing)
  • 2) They want to have a significant impact: People who change the world aren't the ones who want a side income, a good car or just a beautiful house. Of course they will be happy when they get those things but for them leaving a significant impact is their ultimate goal. "I want to create a ding in the universe" Steve jobs
  • 3) They are visionaries and opportunity hunters: Extremely successful people can see the bright future of a tiny abandoned idea. When the founders of Google saw the accuracy problem of the existing search engines back then they concluded they can change the world with a new product. They held on to the opportunity as soon as they found it and the result was Google.
  • 4) They are misfits : People who fit into the system, the ones who embrace the rules and the ones who believe everything they are told rarely reach that far. The ones who change the world are rebels who follow their own intuition and believe in themselves so much that they don't listen to those who try to break them or force them back into the system (see Why you should never follow the crowd)
  • 5) They reject small projects: Those people dislike small projects that would only lead to a small success or a little impact on the world. They know their time is limited and that's why they prefer to waste it on projects that can have a significant impact on the world

Can you become one of those people?

The answer is simple, it depends on your goals. If you don't have a burning desire to be extremely successful and if changing the world was never on your mind before then most probably you won't be able to keep going through that road even if you tried.

But if you really want to be like those people and if this article touched something inside you then follow their footsteps and you might end being just like them or even better.

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