5 Reasons funny people are more likely to achieve more success in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Jokes can explain how your mind works

Do you think a good sense of humor is a good trait just because it can help you make people laugh and win their hearts? Well the good news i have for you if you have a good sense of humor is that your brain might be more ready for success than your less fortunate friends who aren't as funny as you are.

The ability to select the right joke in the right time in such a way that makes people laugh can tell a lot about the way your mind works. In psychology you can make a lot of conclusions about the way a person's mind work by just analyzing any kind of product that his mind produces.

And because a joke is a complex product of thoughts it can give a very clear view about the abilities of the minds that generated them.

Reasons funny people are more likely to achieve more success in life

  • 1) Not afraid of failure: A person can hardly succeed without taking some risks in his life. We all know that but what you might not be aware of is that funny people are very likely to be risk takers. Not every joke makes people laugh and with each funny comment a person says he actually takes the risk of telling a bad joke (see also Why are some jokes funnier than others)
  • 2) Thinking about the unexpected: One of the major components of many funny jokes is a very unexpected twist. This twist usually surprises people and makes them laugh. Now in order for someone to come up with an unexpected funny comment he has to have a creative mind that allows him to think different.
  • 3) Very high social intelligence : We all know that not all people laugh at the same jokes. In fact some people mind find certain jokes annoying. A person who tells the right joke to the right group is usually very smart because he manages to analyze people well and understand what makes them tick (see also Why people laugh at jokes that confirm their beliefs)
  • 4) Unique style of living: Because jokes usually contain unexpected twists they do reflect the teller's ability to think and be different. A funny person is less likely to follow the herd or conform to group rules and this is why he can achieve more in life if he did it right (see also The Psychology of jokes)
  • 5) Because people know all that: You might think that most people are unaware of those facts but the surprise i have for you is that most people make those unconscious conclusions about a funny person without realizing that they did so. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how people get attracted to those who have a good sense of humor because they unconsciously realize that those people are smart and creative

I am funny but not successful

Of course you can be funny and not successful because there are many other more variables involved in success apart from risk taking, intelligence and creativity. But when it comes to self confidence don't ever blame your mind for failure if you are a funny person.

Finally there are certainly Smart and creative people out there who are not funny. The absence of a good sense of humor doesn't mean that a person isn't smart but the presence of it is a certain indication of many of the good traits listed above.

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