How to come up with creative ideas

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to come up with creative ideas

Many people fail to solve the life problems they face because they keep on trying the same methods that never worked. Sometimes the only thing you need to do in order to solve a problem is to find a creative solution that you have never tried before.

But the question is, How can someone come up with a creative idea?
The below image, which suddenly became popular on social media websites, has the answer to our question.

How can you think creatively?

One of the famous creative thinking concepts is combining unrelated ideas. Two things that seem to have no connection can be connected in a creative way and lead to a new discovery.

By combining a phone with a camera a new generation of mobile phones that act like cameras were developed!

that's the same thing that happened in the previous picture. By combining a famous cartoon with an unrelated popular video game a very popular picture came to existence.

Many people make the mistake of putting certain restrictions on their way of thinking while trying to find solutions for their problems and that's why they don't come up with creative ideas. (see How to find creative solutions for your problems)

If you want to come up with creative ideas then think as if everything is possible. An idea that cannot be implemented might lead to another one that can be implemented, however, you might have never managed to reach the second idea if you haven't been through the first one.

Production of ideas

While i was trying to make my Youtube channel famous i created more than 100 videos. Only a few of those videos became popular and made the whole channel famous. In other words if you want to come up with creative ideas then you need to keep generating ideas.

I have mentioned before that many of the famous artists became famous for few of their art works even though they produced hundreds of works. (see also How to become more creative)

The same happened to 2knowmyself, today the website gets more than one million page view per month but this popularity was only achieved because a fraction of the articles i wrote became popular. The more work you produce the more likely you are going to come up with a creative idea. (see my book How i did it)

That popular image was certainly not the first image created by that person but because he kept trying one of his works became popular.

Many people who can't find perfect solutions for their life problems give up on solving them without realizing that if they kept trying new solutions, even if they didn't seem perfect, then one day they will come up with the creative solution they were looking for.

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