How to become more creative and innovative

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to become more creative and innovative

how to become more creative and innovative?
Lots of people mistakenly think that creativity is related to genes and that some people are born to innovate while others aren't but that's completely wrong.

By altering your life style and making some changes to your belief system you can become more creative and innovative even if you currently lack them both.

Without being creative and innovative you will become stuck in a fixed life routine and you might never be able to solve your problems since you will always be trying the same methods that doesn't work.

In this article i will tell you what you need to do in order to become more creative and innovative

Steps to become more creative and innovative

Here the steps you need to do in order to become more creative and innovative:

  • Change your routine: Research has shown that fixed routine is a great creativity killer. In order to become more creative and innovative you need not to stick to the same routine each day. Change anything you can change in your daily activities, try to do the same things in a different way or even try things you never tried before
  • Dedicate free time for creative thinking: Even if you changed your routine you might still not be that creative because of being bound by rules. In order to become really creative you need to dedicate some free time for creative thinking where you are not bound by any rules
  • Get rid of your limiting beliefs: One of the things that kills creatively and prevents innovation is limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs prevent you from seeing possibilities and the result is being stuck in a certain reality without trying to change it
  • Overcome fear of failure: In order to become more creative and innovative you need to keep trying and failing. Creativity is all about doing few wrong things until you come across the right thing. If you fear failure or if you fear taking risks then you will always be stuck in your comfort zone and you will never become creative
  • Learn to observe: Sometimes observing other people can inspire you and lead you to innovate and become creative. Contrary to common beliefs you wont be stealing people's ideas when you observe them but instead you will be adding pieces of information from here and there together until you come up with something totally new

Creativity and innovation require some dedication

decide now that you are going to dedicate one day each week or 1 hour each day for the sake of becoming more creative and innovate.

Once this time is dedicated you should work on applying the previous advice and as the time passes you will discover that you are becoming more creative.

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