How to become innovative

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

When is innovation needed?

Suppose that you have lots of goals that you wanted to reach and that one of these goals was losing 10 kilograms of your weight in 3 month.

If after the first month you found that you lost 5 kilograms then there is no need to find a faster way for losing weight because you are already doing well.

Now what if you found that few month have passed with a very little progress such as losing only 2 kilograms? Wont you then be in need for innovation? wont you be in need of a new way to lose weight that is faster than the old way??

Innovation is needed when you find that the traditional way for doing something is not working as desired and thus a need for doing it in a better way is developed.

My own experience with innovation

When I first started I was happy that it generated 4 dollars/day but after few month I started to find that rate of increase not satisfactory. I thought a lot about it and then finally found out that innovation is the thing that I really need in order to generate more money out of the website.

After I implemented some brand new ideas in the website this number jumped to 20 dollars/day and then after the introduction of my products the website started to generate thousands of dollars/month. ( See how i did it for more information.

Had I kept the old methods the same I wouldn’t have succeeded in making the website’s income grow by that speed, yes I may have been successful in making a 10 or 20 percent increase, but a 4000% increase can only come through innovate ideas.

How to become innovative?

You might be thinking that innovation is a skill or something that is related to genes but this is just a false belief. Innovation is nothing more than changing the way you are doing something when you find that this thing is no longer producing satisfactory results.

If for example you found that your progress was unsatisfactory for 2 month then you should immediately shift to trying a new method for doing the same thing you are doing.

If you cant find new ideas then just go and talk to one of your friends, after all, you don’t have to find the new ideas yourself in order to become innovative, stealing some ideas from your friends after taking their permission is perfectly legal :) Ask your best friend for advice, ask a creative person that you know about new ways of achieving your goals or ask a relative who has been through a similar experience.

Spending some time alone, spending time in front of the sea or in open spaces is one of the things that can help you have a clear mind which is the most important element that must be present for innovation to appear.

Take it as a rule in your life, if everything is satisfactory then you don’t need to make any changes, however, if the progress slowed down then you should stop and find another innovative way before you can continue again.

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