How perfectionism holds you back

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How perfectionism holds you back

Perfectionism can't just hold you back but it can destroy your self confidence and ruin your life.

In my previous article How perfectionism develops i explained how perfectionism is learned as a result of the situations a child experience earlier in his life.

If a child felt neglected, less worthy than others or inferior he will develop perfectionism to differentiate himself from people and to elevate his self worth.

Even though the subconscious mind develops perfectionism to help the person maintain psychological balance still these efforts yield no result and the person is held back by his perfectionism instead of reaping any benefits out of it.

In this article i will tell you how perfectionism holds you back and destroys your self confidence.

How perfectionism lowers your confidence and holds you back

For a perfectionist a task that is not done perfectly is a task that wasn't done properly. Perfectionists are famous for either repeating the same task over and over in order to get a perfect outcome or either avoiding the task completely if they can't do it perfectly.

This way of thinking holds the perfectionist back by preventing him from completing his tasks on time. (see How to stop procrastinating).

Not only will perfectionism result in procrastination but it will also lower the person's confidence. After all a perfectionist feels that he has done something wrong whenever he fails to do a task perfectly and because this is not a perfect world the perfectionist keeps bleeding self confidence as he lives.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that all people are born confident and then they acquire certain bad traits that steels their self confidence over time. Perfectionism is one of these traits as it keeps lowering self confidence gradually as long as it exists.

How to prevent Perfectionism from holding you

There is only one way to prevent perfectionism from holding you back which is to work on getting rid of it completely!!

You can get rid of perfectionism by learning how to be confident, By understanding that this is not a perfect world and that success is not by any means equivalent to perfection and by learning how to combat inferiority in order to feel worthy.

As soon as you get start combating your perfectionism your productivity will go up, your self confidence will take a boost and your life will become better.

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