5 reasons you might be very smart but unsuccessful

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why you need to read this post

No matter how many self help articles you read that tell you to stop comparing yourself to others you will still find yourself sometimes comparing your progress in life to your peers. The problem is not with those comparisons but rather with the self talk that happens in your head when you compare someone's progress to yours.

If you failed to provide logical explanation for your mind then those comparisons will result in loss of self confidence. This is why i decided to write a post that helps you know why you could be very smart yet unsuccessful.

But before your read the article there is a very important point you should know. I did not write this article to help you live with an excuse for the rest of your life but i wrote it to help you protect your self confidence until you make it. In other words you should never rely on any of those excuses then stop trying.

5 reasons you are very smart but unsuccessful

  • 1) You design things for smart people: One of the biggest mistakes very smart people usually do is that they assume that everyone is smart as well. They design products and start businesses that suit the needs of smart people as well but because so many people aren't fortunate enough to have a high level of intelligence those products and services usually find no one to appreciate them. So what's the soloution to that problem? Understand the mentality of your audience and don't design things for people who are like you. Want a real life example for that? a time management site vs a blog for useless and funny news. While time management is great the second blog might become much more successful because 90% of people want to procrastinate instead of truly managing their time
  • 2) Your location and date of birth: I believe any person can be successful at any place or any age but no one can deny the fact that some people get the right opportunity earlier in life because of being born at a certain year or in a certain place. For example 3 years ago it was much easier to make a mobile app popular since there was almost no competition. Now it's much harder to do the same thing because of the other competitors who entered the market. So what's the solution? Never assume that a younger and more successful person is smarter than you. You can still make it few years later.
  • 3) You are not dissatisfied with your life: The most powerful force in the world that can lead to success is intense dissatisfaction with one's life. There are many examples of adopted children who changed the world and became billionaires as a result of not liking the fact the their parents didn't appreciate them. Because they wanted to prove that they are worthy they had an overwhelming force that pushed them to change the world. In other words if your past was peaceful then you might not be as ambitious as someone who has been through hell.
  • 4) You didn't find your passion yet: Some people were lucky enough to discover their passion in life at a very young age. Its so normal to find musicians and actors who became popular at their twenties and even at a younger age. So how to solve this problem? Keep trying new things until you find what you are truly passionate about. Note that you might be giving up not because you lack persistence but because you aren't passionate about what you are doing
  • 5) You don't have realistic expectations : In my book From 0 to 1 million dollars i gave the realistic picture for everyone who intends to become successful in life in the form of a story. The road to success is really tough, full of obstacles and disappointments. If you expected anything less than that then you will only succeed if you were very lucky to make it from the first or second attempt. So what's the soloution? build realistic expectations in order to embrace failure and move past it.

The moral of the article

If Sam is successful at 25 then it doesn't mean that Joe who is thirty and less successful is not as smart as him. It might Just mean that each person becomes successful when he hunts the right opportunities in life and because we all live different lives don't assume that you will get the same opportunities at the same age.

Your mission should of course be trying to get the best out of life as fast as you can but if any delay happened then don't blame your intelligence for it as long as you are doing your part.

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