This is why you miss so many opportunities in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Walking past a money tree

Ever wondered why you missed so many good opportunities in life?
Ever felt that you could have taken a better path or Achieved greater success?
Ever thought that your friends are much better than you at seizing the right opportunities?

Well the good news i have for you today is that you will know the reason why this was happening to you.
Before you complete reading you gotta first take a look at that video. You don't have to complete it to the end but just try to get an idea of what's going on.


Just as you saw in the video most people walked past a money tree without even stopping by to check it and the reason is that they didn't see the money even though they looked at it!

How our perception works

The process of seeing the objects around us is much more complicated than you think. We don't just see what's around us as it is but we see the result after our minds add some processing to the images. Just like images are edited using photoshop the mind does its own editing before it renders the pictures to us.

In my previous article You won't believe your eyes anymore after taking this test i explained how focusing on a certain object can prevent us from seeing another one that lies within our eye sight.

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how our minds can force us to see our body and facial features differently when we look at ourselves at the mirror. In other words you should hardly trust your eye sight if you don't know how your mind tweaks the images you see.

Did this ring a bell yet?
In order to not miss opportunities in life you don't just have to see them but you have to be aware of their existence by training your mind to notice them. For years your mind might have been running on an auto pilot mood that alters what you see and prevents you from seeing great opportunities that exist around you. (see also How your beliefs affect your perception)

This is why you miss so many opportunities in life

Based on the previous facts here are few things you should do in order to avoid missing the opportunities you come across:

  • 1) Don't assume that you know everything: In the previous video most people walked past the money tree because they assumed that its just a normal tree. In other words those people trusted their past experience without bothering to spend any extra time to look for a new opportunity (see also When experts go wrong)
  • 2) Don't consider your beliefs to be facts: "Nothing useful can be found on a tree". This is an example of a belief that the people in the video had and because of the existence of that belief they missed the opportunity. Beware of your beliefs because they can sometimes prevent you from taking advantage of great opportunities
  • 3) Avoid routine: If you do the same things everyday then you very likely to miss all the new opportunities life can offer. You need to spend at least one hour a day doing things differently or doing things that you have never done before in order to come across new opportunities

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