You won't believe your eyes anymore after taking this test

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you see the world correctly?

Do you think you see things correctly?
Are you sure you see real objects when you look at a certain direction?
Do you think you see everything that exits?

If your answers were yes then am sorry to disappoint you because after taking the following test you will never trust your eyes anymore. Watch the video before reading the rest of the post:

Why did this happen

Contrary to common beliefs we don't see what we look at but we see what we focus on. At any point of time you will have certain goals in mind like finding a missing friend, looking for an exit door or trying to find a cab.

As soon as you have a goal set your perception shifts from seeing what's going on to focusing on the details that can help you reach that goal. In the previous video your mental goal was to find the number of passes the white team did and as a result you missed the Bear!

Now you might believe that sometimes you won't have any goals in mind like for example when you wander the streets randomly but do you know that we all have built in psychological goals that we developed as a result of the experiences we have been through?

Lets assume that you always believed that you are not an interesting person because of certain childhood experiences that you have been through. In such a case your mind will have the unconscious goal of finding out all the signs that prove that you are uninteresting!

You only see what matches your beliefs

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that we only see what matches our belief system and this is why those who don't think highly of themselves end up finding clues that prove their false beliefs correct.

If for example you don't like the shape of your nose or if you believe that its bigger than normal then most probably you will see things that prove to you that your nose is big. It can be begin by assuming that people didn't like you because of your nose, going through believing that people gave you strange looks because of your big nose up to looking in the mirror and seeing a big nose!

And guess what, all of those experiences are not real but they are just imagined experiences that only occurred because your mind was tuned to the wrong frequency. (see also How to people twist the facts to support their beliefs)

Its easy to miss something that you are not looking for and its easy to see things that don't exist just because you are looking for them.

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