7 things to help you keep your faith in God during hard times

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Who is this post for?

This is not an article to prove the existence of God or to convince those who have doubts that there is a God but it's an article for believers who developed some doubts as a result of going through tough times.

When things go well believers usually have no problems with God but things fall short of their expectations many of them start having doubts about their beliefs. These doubts arise in the form of questions like:

- I Prayed but i got no answer
- God abandoned me
- God doesn't want to help me
- Why is God doing this to me?
- Why is this happening to me, i am not that bad.
- I don't deserve this

All of these statements are indirect expressions of a problem that happened to a person's beliefs. After all beliefs can either weaken or become stronger depending on how we interpret life events. If you kept interpreting events in the wrong way then after a short period of time you might end up losing faith or at least developing strong doubts. (see also How to protect your beliefs)

7 things to help you keep your faith in God during hard times

By getting to know the following facts you will be protecting your beliefs from being shaken and answering your doubts before they even form:

  • 1) Bad things can happen to good people: The first thing you need to know about life is that bad things can happen to good people and its usually a test to see how strong your faith is. If you passed the test things will turn bright while if you developed doubts then the test might be repeated and this brings us to the second point
  • 2) The same test might be repeated until you pass it: If you have doubts that you will be saved then the same test might be repeated over and over until you pass it. In such a case your test might be uncertain conditions or problems that seem to have no solution (see also How to have faith in your plans)
  • 3) Bad events are sometimes a blessing in a disguise: You failed an important exam? it might be your motivation to do something great in life. When Larry Ellison knew that he was adopted (a big shock) his goals in life changed and he felt like proving that he is not like any other child. The result was that he founded oracle and become one of the richest billionaires in the world
  • 4) Your prayers will be answered in the right time not in the preferred time: We all want our prayers to be answered right away but sometimes the time isn't suitable for that to happen even if we think its the right time.
  • 5) Sometimes your prayers will be answered in a different way: Lets suppose you really wanted a certain job but didn't get it only to find a much better one few weeks later. Had you got the first job you would have never knew about the second. In other words sometimes prayers are answered in a different way than we want because it's much better for us
  • 6) Don't interpret events in a wrong way: "I didn't get that job, so i think God abandoned me". When you make such conclusions you weaken your beliefs more. The right thing to do when unpleasant things happen is to be patient and be sure that salvation will come in the right time
  • 7) Remember the times when you got help: Do you remember the times when you got help in the past? I am pretty sure you have a situation or two that you can recall to strengthen your beliefs. If you are wondering why you got help back then but not know then know that the right time might have not came yet

Faith is just a set of beliefs

Some people think that faith is divine in a way that prevents them from understanding it's psychology. Faith is just the result of the formation of some set of beliefs. Those beliefs can either weaken or become stronger depending on the way your mind processes new evidence. If you lost your job then believed God didn't help you then this new evidence will weaken those beliefs.

While if you believed that you lost your job because a better one is coming then your faith will become stronger. Hard times doesn't lower our faith but its the way we process the bad events during those hard times that does.

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