How to have faith in your plans

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Indifference, lack of motivation and faith in your plans

This article is part two of my article How to believe in your dreams. While you can still understand this one without referring to the other still its recommended that you take a quick look at part one before reading part two.

In part one i said that one of the major causes of loss of motivation is having no faith in your plans. In other words if you managed to trust your plans you will be become much more motivated to pursue them.

In my previous article about Indifference i said that a person becomes indifferent when he believes his plans won't help him reach his important goals. Depression is another advanced case of indifference where the belief that you won't reach your goals becomes a solid fact in your mind.

How to have faith in your plans

Few month ago i decided to launch a social network. Because that dream was so important for me i asked two different programmers to code two different social networks in the same time. My goal was to make sure i will launch a social network as fast as i can (if one was delayed the other will kick in).

I had a very strong faith in the first one but i didn't believe much in the second. After two month the programmer working on the second network told me that its almost complete so i went to meet him and saw the output. Since that day i started to believe that this second social network might make it as well.

When i saw the output my faith in that network became stronger. One month later the programmer delivered the second social network and in the same time the one working on the first told me that serious problems will delay the network few weeks more.

I started marketing for my second network and within a month we got 3,000 registered users so my faith in it became a bit more stronger. After 2 month we had 15,000 posts made on the network so my faith grew stronger and stronger. After few more weeks we had 25,000 posts on the network and by end of the third month we were approaching 10,000 registered users.

Today we are at the end of the third month but i strongly believe that Optimistnet will become the next big thing.

How did my beliefs change?

In the beginning i was considering Optimist net plan B in case plan A didn't work but after i got to know some facts my beliefs changed completely and i started to believe that it will become a popular social network someday. (see also How long does it take to change beliefs)

In the Super powers course i said that when your mind finds new positive facts that supports its beliefs those beliefs become stronger. So the trick is to collect positive data until your faith becomes strong.

But there is an important note here, in the early days you have to go against your beliefs until positive things start to happen. Few month ago i didn't believe much in optimistnet yet i kept going forward.

Because i kept going forward positive data started showing up and so my belief became strong. In other words sometimes you have to sail against the wind until you find evidence that shows you that you are on the right track.

Today the first social network is complete as well but i put it on hold because i believe much in optimist net that i don't want to waste my time on anything else now :)

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