why do we need faith

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Should we peruse faith because we need it?

I have made it clear in my previous articles that blind faith leads to loss of direction. The concept of trying to have faith just because we need faith is completely against my beliefs.

That's why you need to find proofs to prove what you believe in true before you can think about building faith. In my article Is there a god out there i proved God's existence using unquestionable scientific facts.

If you still have doubts about God's existence then you should read this article before you keep going.

why do we need faith

Now the question is, Why do we need faith?

  • 1) To be able to think positively: These days everyone seems to be talking about positive thinking but ever asked yourself why should a person think positively? What guarantee do you have in order to be optimistic and to expect the best to happen? Couldn't the worse happen? Couldn't everything Go wrong? The only source where you can get a guarantee about the future is God and that's why positive thinking that ain't backed by faith is considered nonsense
  • 2) To be sure that you are going to win: If you read any success story of any famous person you will find that the main key to his success was his faith in himself. Now if you don't have that kind of faith then you will never be able to succeed. Again nothing can give you a full guarantee of the future more than knowing that God will help you succeed under all circumstances. Once you develop that kind of faith you will become successful for certain (see also Believe in yourself to do the impossible)
  • 3) To feel good during down times: When everything goes wrong we feel down but what if we had a guarantee that everything is going to be alright? In such a case the amount of pain you will experience will be inversely proportional to your level of faith. The more faith you have the less sad you will feel during such times

Can someone succeed without faith?

Of course people can succeed without faith but the emotional roller coaster they go through on their way to success will be much more intense than the emotional changes those who have faith will experience.

When you know that you are going to win no matter what, because you are supported by a greater force, then all bitter moments will hurt less.

A friend once told me: Self confidence and positive thinking has nothing to do with God but its all about trusting your abilities.

My reply was: what kind of self confidence can guarantee that a student who studied well for an exam won't get a stomach ache and fail to write anything in the paper? even though he studied well and was confident in his skills he failed ! in other words, there are hundreds of things that we can't control in life even if we are super confident. That's why we need faith in God.

The book "I Saw God" was released by 2knowmyself, The book provides scientific evidence that prove the existence of god, with levels of probabilities that are not subject to debate or revision. The facts are crystal clear and 100% scientific; after knowing these facts, you'll come to the conclusion that there is no other possibility other than the presence of a mighty creator who planned this all.

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