How to stop having self doubts

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Self doubts and giving up

Whether you are starting a new business, trying to succeed in life or socializing you might start getting some self doubts that can affect your performance, lower your confidence and even force you to give up.

How many times you attempted to start a business or a project then gave up on it because you later believed that it won't work?
How many times you gave up on a dream you had because you believed that it wont be possible to reach it?

Now the important question i have for you is, before you had these self doubts how were your beliefs about your dreams and goals like?

Certainly you believed in them because if you hadn't you wouldn't have pursued them from the beginning. When people start getting self doubts they slowly change their perception of reality and start to believe that their plans wont work even though they used to have faith in them earlier.

Understanding self doubts

In order to be able to stop self doubts you first need to understand where do they come from. Here are the most common sources of self doubts:

  • 1)Getting no results: This cause is so popular in the business world. When people don't get quick results they might start having doubts about the effectiveness of their plans or business ideas. (see also How to be persistent in business)
  • 2) Failed attempts: When you fail to make your plans work you might start getting self doubts and believing that your plans won't work. (see also How to recover from failure and move on)
  • 3) People who put you down: Do you know why people who put you down can make you feel bad? its not because of what they say but rather because of your own self doubts that their words trigger (see also Wny people who put you down say nonsense

How to stop having self doubts

The first thing you need to know about self doubts is that they cannot be stopped. In other words i would be lying if i told you that you can stop them completely but the good news i have for you is that you can prevent them from affecting your beliefs and performance.

Self doubts affect people who don't quite understand how success works. If for example you believed that any good idea should be successful in 2 month then you will start getting self doubts if the two month ended without getting good results.

In order to prevent self doubts from affecting your beliefs you need to understand that success rarely happens from the first attempt, that it takes time to happen and that people will put you down in all cases even if you had an amazing idea.

In other words its the correct understanding of how success happens that can prevent self doubts from affecting you. That's why In the Solid Self confidence program i said that reading the stories of successful people can help you fix your beliefs about success and so help you succeed in life.

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