Can believing in God help with depression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Science and the "G" word

Note: This is an unbiased scientific article discussing how believing in God can help with depression and other mental problems.

The reason i had to start with such a note is that some people panic when they see the "G" word in a scientific article. Any honest person who knows something about a topic must reveal the full truth without adding or hiding any facts from people. Sadly some people hide some facts in order to achieve some other goals.

For example, some scientific magazines force people to sign agreements that include terms such as "i will never refer to God or any other spiritual entity" and of course this forces the writers to use terms such as mother nature or evolution.

Because i am an independent blogger who follows no ones rules i had to write this article to state my views about the connection between depression and believing in God without any kind of bias.

What depression really is?

Ask anybody who claims that depression is nothing more than an imbalance in brain chemicals for a treatment and he will give you some medication.

Now ask that person why aren't you getting any better and he will tell you that you need to take more medication. Then ask him why isn't medication working and he won't have an answer.

So why depression happens?
Have you ever seen a labour strike before?
Labour strikes happen when workers find no more reason to work. They hope that when they strike someone will come and help them meet their important demands.

Depression is the same exact thing, its an inner strike coming from your nervous system because it can't find a useful reason to work (or to live). When hope is lost in reaching something that really mattered to you depression happens.

When your mind goes on that strike it expects you to do something to bring back hope or to fix what happened but because most people respond with medication nothing happens.

So you might be wondering why sometimes depression happens for no reason?
In fact depression never happens for no reason. Its just that sometimes you are not aware of the important need your mind wanted to fulfill. (see also Depression explained)

Can believing in God help with depression

Based on the previous facts the only way to end depression for good is to bring back hope. Lets suppose a man got depressed because he lost his job. If he got a positive word from another employer his depression might actually end if he believed that employer.

When hope is restored the mind doesn't find anymore reason to continue the strike and depression disappears. Now what believing in God does is that it can help in bringing back hope.

Based on the strength of his beliefs a person can restore hope with varying extents by praying to God. If the person's beliefs were strong enough then prayer would bring him hope and depression will disappear.

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