7 reasons you lose motivation after getting started

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I was motivated 2 weeks ago, what happened?

Ever started working on something with a lot of enthusiasm only to find yourself not motivated anymore few weeks later?
Did you write your new year resolutions then abandoned them few days later?
When was the last time you were motivated to achieve an important goal then after sometime you lost this motivation?

Loss of motivation is one of the really bad things that can happen to a person not just because its an undesirable feeling but because it prevents him from reaching his goals and pursuing his dreams.

But why would someone start with a lot of enthusiasm then just lose this enthusiasm few days later? After all if the goal wasn't important to him then he wouldn't have gotten motivated in the first place. so what's the explanation?

In this post i am going to tell you about the reasons that cause lack of motivation so that you can prevent that problem from happening to you.

7 reasons you lose motivation after getting started

  • 1) You lost faith in your plans: Your mind only makes you motivated when it believes that you are capable of reaching your goals. If for any reason your mind believed that you won't make it then it will prevent you from getting motivated. By doing so your mind conserves your energy and makes sure you only exert effort in a direction that will yield results. (see also Why self motivated people are more confident than their friends
  • 2) You are Afraid to move forward: Fear of failure, self doubts and being unsure of yourself can be the main reason for loss of motivation. If for example you are too afraid to fail then your mind might play the trick of not motivating you anymore just to prevent you from doing something that might bring you failure or bad results that you can't tolerate.(see also Are you afraid to get motivated)
  • 3) You copied someone's goals: So many people set goals just because others are doing so and not because they are really passionate about them. For example each new year so many people write new goals under the effect of peer pressure without actually wanting to achieve those goals. As the effect of peer pressure fades those people find themselves back to the starting point with no motivation
  • 4) You acquired negative beliefs: The number one reason for loss of motivation is acquiring a negative belief about yourself or your plan. A belief such as "it's too late" or "it can't be done" can sneak unnoticed to your subconscious mind and result in loss of motivation even if you weren't aware of its existence
  • 5) People or life events programmed you: Most people begin working on their new projects with solid faith but as they keep hearing negative comments and going through setbacks they slowly develop negative beliefs about their goals and so they don't feel like pursuing them anymore (see also How negative words affect your life)
  • 6) Having unrealistic expectations: So many people start on their plans with very unrealistic expectations. For example some people mistakenly believe that they can become millionaires few months after starting a new business or that they can earn really big salaries months after they start working. Those unrealistic expectations usually result in loss of motivation as soon as the person discovers how tough life can be. If you want to know what to expect on your way to success then you might want to check my book From 0 to 1 million Dollars
  • 7) Impatience: Impatience is one of the common causes for loss of motivation. People who expect quick results and never find them slowly start to believe that they took the wrong path and so they lose motivation gradually until they quit

How to stay motivated till the end

Be brave and know that failure might be a necessary step in order for success to happen. Don't listen to those who put you down and don't believe them, had they knew better they would have had great lives themselves. Only follow a path that you really believe in and that you are really passionate about.

Never set a goal because everyone is doing so and don't copy others' goals. Always examine your belief system and make sure you aren't getting subtly programmed. Know that life can be really tough and that success doesn't happen easily but with patience and persistence everything is possible.

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