10 killer tips for building self confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How can someone really build confidence?

Just as i am sure that self confidence is important i am also sure that you have been trying to find useful tips that really work without any luck.

Google the web for "Self confidence tips" and you are very likley to end up with pages that ask you to "be confident" without explaining how to do it or to "believe in yourself" without explaining how it can be done.

Because confidence building is one of the most misunderstood concepts online i decided to write this article to give you few quick tips that can put you in the right direction for becoming really confident.

10 killer tips for building self confidence

  • 1) Identify the problematic areas: You might be very confident at one area of your life (example: browsing the web) and totally not confident in another area (example public speaking). The first step for building self confidence is knowing which areas need to be improved.
  • 2) Identity the missing skills: Lets suppose your problem was with public speaking. In such a case the main reason you don't feel confident doing it is because you lack certain skills (for example: knowing how to use body language to appear confident, how to select the right words that grab people's attention and how to control fear and anxiety while performing).
  • 3) Acquire the missing skills: After you identity the missing skills you need to start learning them one by one until you master them (see also Do i need to be talented in order to succeed)
  • 4) Get exposed to your fears once again: After you acquire the missing skills start repeating the things that you previously didn't feel confident about. The main goal behind this step is to prove to your subconscious mind that you are now way better than you were before
  • 5) Fix your perception errors: Most people don't see reality but they just see a version that matches their beliefs (for example: people were laughing at me because i am a boring person). When you Learn how to filter these perception errors your confidence level will start rising on its own
  • 6) The only person you need to impress: In order to believe you are worthy the only person you need to impress is your subconscious mind. The more you do things right (after acquiring the needed skills) the more will your subconscious mind believe that you are worthy)
  • 7) Read about rejection psychology: Yes brilliant people, good looking ones and those who are really good get rejected. You just didn't know it! check out those articles for more information: Does rejection mean you are ugly and Do good people get rejected
  • 8) Keep a compliment journal: Whenever you get a genuine compliment write it down in the compliment journal. Read this journal at least once a week. Beliefs become stronger when you repeat them but this happens only when you repeat things that you believe in
  • 9) Affirmations don't work unless: Your subconscious mind will refuse to accept affirmations if the beliefs you were repeating weren't convincing. In other words, if you believe you have low confidence then repeating an affirmation such as "i am confident" will actually harm your self esteem (see also How to make affirmations work)
  • 10) Want hundreds of tips? Do you want hundreds more of free confidence building tips? Check out the Free confidence building course

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