Why do most people live a twisted reality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you think we all see the same reality?

Do you think we all see the world from the same angle?
No i am not talking about personal opinions or different points of view but i am talking about the real time perception of the events that happen around us.

The same action could be interpreted in three different ways by three different people even though the person who has done this action could have had a fourth intention!

Why is that? Why don't we all see the world the same way?
Before i can tell you the answer i want you to first examine that picture below:

Do you think the bottom part of the box has a different color than the top part?
OK, now hide the edge connecting the two surfaces with your finger and see if they still have different colors.(see also Are you too focused on your appearance)

Do you know why you now see the same exact color up and down now?
Its because the human mind always fills the gaps of our sights.

Because our brains got used to the fact that the top surface of an object is lighter in color than the bottom surface our minds have learned to make this adjustment each time we see a similar shape even if the color was actually the same! (see also How your experience database affect your perception)

Why do most people live a twisted reality

We don't see things directly but we see them after our minds have done their calculations. Lets suppose someone greeted three people in a cold way.

Now had all people see things the same way the three people would have reached the same conclusion but because each person will process what he saw according to his own beliefs the three people might reach three different conclusions:

  • 1) I am a worthless person: The first guy always believed he was a worthless person because his caregivers were so distant and cold. Based on his personal beliefs he assumed that the person who greeted him in a cold way assumed that he is worthless as well
  • 2) He is jealous of me: The second guy always believed he is superior to others because of his extraordinary looks. He interpreted the cold gesture as a sign of jealousy as a result of believing that the other guy is not as good as him (see also Attractiveness perception psychology)
  • 3) He doesn't like me: The third guy always believed that he is a boring person and when he was greeted in a cold way he quickly assumed that that new acquaintance discovered that he is a boring

So what about reality?
Actually the guy who greeted those three people just had a bad day and that's why he couldn't greet them with a genuine smile! In the Solid Self confidence program i said that many people lose their self confidence by interpreting similar events incorrectly.

Do you see the world correctly?

How about you?
How many situations have you interpreted incorrectly so far?
How many false beliefs are preventing you from seeing reality correctly?
Could it be that you are always putting yourself down because of things that only exist in your head?

Could you be seeing the world incorrectly?
If you are like most people then yes You aren't seeing the real world but you are just seeing a reflection of your own beliefs.

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