Are you too focused on your appearance

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are you too focused on your appearance?

Are you too focused on your appearance?
Do you believe you are ugly?
Do you dislike how your nose, chin or lips look?

Earlier i said that self image problems are usually caused by the incorrect perception of the way a person looks. Many good looking people actually believe that they are ugly as a result of that disorder.

When it comes to self image disorders it becomes very hard to convince the person that he is good looking because his own eyes send him messages that prove otherwise. While working with clients who had self image problems i noticed that seeing one picture of themselves that they don't like can send them many steps backwards. (see Am i ugly?)

In other words, its the feedback they get through their senses that forces them to keep believing that they are ugly but the important question is, how accurate is this feedback?? (see also I look ugly in pictures)

Perception errors and self image problems

If you focused on the below picture for seconds you will quickly discover that the side of the cube that was in front can also be seen at the back. Can you try this now?

So what what does this mean? Our brains work on making calculations to convert the images we see in the outer world to another form inside it. This means that we don't actually see things as they are but we see them after our brains has done these calculations and adjustments.

here is another example, focus on the below image for seconds and you will discover that you sometimes see a rabbit and sometimes see a duck. But the question is, why do you see two different things? Its because of the different calculations your brain makes! (see also How negative thinking affects your brain)

What does all this has to do with not liking your looks?

The conclusion i wanted you to reach is that you are not seeing thing as they are but you just see the final image after your brain has interfered. Now what if you believed that your nose is too big, what do you think will happen during these calculations?

Your brain will actually make your nose look bigger in the internal image it forms inside it. In such a case you will actually see a bigger nose in the mirror even though your nose is OK!

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the people who have self image problems don't just believe that they have certain flaws but they actually see these flaws with their eyes even though they don't really exist.

So what's the solution to the self image problem?

Awareness of such perception errors is the first step to building a healthy self image inside your brain. When you realize the mistakes you have been doing while examining your looks your will quickly find out that you don't look like the way you thought.

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