Why do some people develop imagined ugliness disorder

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Imagined ugliness?

Just as the name sounds the imagined ugliness disorder is a disorder that forces a good looking person to believe that he is ugly.

Whenever you will search for the causes of imagined ugliness online you will come across sites that will tell you that the cause is not yet known or that most probably its genetics. Because people say nonsense everywhere online when it comes to that disorder i decided to write an article that finally answers your questions about it.

If you want to know why can a handsome person believe that he is ugly then read this post.

The 7 factors that lead to the development of imagined ugliness

  • 1)Past experiences: The most important factor that influences the development of imagined ugliness is a person's past experiences. The problem usually begins with a certain negative comment about a person's appearance which grows to become the imagined ugliness disorder later on
  • 2) your level of success in your social life: If the person succeeded socially by being popular, loved or by attracting the person he likes then the problem of imagined ugliness might disappear but the reason it usually persists is that people keep blaming their physical appearance for the rejections they get (see also This is why criticism hurts)
  • 3) The media: The media might not be the main cause of the imagined ugliness problem but it intensifies the pain and increases the severity of the disorder. Most people who don't like their looks feel even worse after seeing movie stars who look flawless
  • 4) Perfectionism: If a person was a perfectionist then he will very likely want to look perfect and because we human beings are far from looking perfect a perfectionist is more likely to develop an imagined ugliness disorder (see What causes perfectionism).
  • 5) Obsession: If a person suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder or if he has the habit of obsessing about things then a slight change in his physical appearance might trigger the imagined ugliness problem
  • 6) How important is physical beauty to the person: While most people care about physical beauty still they don't all put the same weight to looks. The person who puts the highest weight to looks is the one who is most likley to suffer from imagined ugliness.(see How to like your looks)
  • 7) The way a person sees beauty: In my book The psychology of physical attraction i explained how each person learns to make certain associations between certain facial features and personality traits. If a person believed that his looks represents the personality traits he likes to posses then he will like his looks else he will develop an imagined ugliness problem

Which one of these factors causes imagined ugliness?

you don't have to have all the previous problems in order to develop imagined ugliness because only a few of these factors can force you to develop that disorder if they were present together.

In the below links you will know how to get over imagined ugliness and feel good about your looks so keep reading.

People who don't understand how others perceive physical attraction usually develop the imagined ugliness disorder.

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