Obsessive compulsive disorder psychology ( Ocd causes,symptoms and treatment)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

obsessive compulsive disorder psychology

Whenever you will try to search for information about a certain psychological disorder such as obsessive compulsive disorder you will get the same pieces of information such as 1)The cause of this psychological disorder is unknown 2) It runs in families 3) Genes are suspected to be the cause.

Of course this kind of information is nonsense even if its based on true facts. Obsessive compulsive disorder just like any other psychological disorder is an indication that the person is unable to adapt to his external environment properly.

The reason many people fail to understand obsessive compulsive disorder and take wrong treatment paths is that they focus on treating the symptoms rather than treating the real cause.

Its the same thing when you try to treat depression using medication only without trying to fix the root cause that resulted in depression. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how the main reason people fail to treat depression is that they only think of it in the form of a chemical imbalance in the brain rather than an indicating of an underlying problem.

The reason you are getting obsessive thoughts and getting involved in compulsive actions is that there are problems with other parts of your life that resulted in such a disorder. In this article i will explain to you the obsessive compulsive disorder psychology in more details.

Obsessive compulsive disorder causes

All human beings try to solve the life problems they face using the tools available to them but when these tools become insufficient psychological disorders develop. Take suicidal thoughts as an example, they usually visit the person who failed to reach his important goals and upon finding no other way to maintain psychological balance.

So what causes Obsessive compulsive disorder? When someone fails to be in control of his environment or when fails to feel good about himself in a constructive way he develops Obsessive compulsive disorder in order to find another way, even if it was useless, to feel good once again.

Here are some examples that will make this clear:

  • Obsessive compulsive cleaning: When a person fails to feel good about himself he might develop an Obsessive compulsive disorder towards cleanliness. This enables him to unconsciously feel cleaner than others and so feel good about himself once again
  • Obsessive compulsive thoughts of murder: When a wife feels weak as a result of the way her husband treats her she might start to develop an Obsessive compulsive disorder that makes her think of stabbing him with the knife. Even though most people who get these thoughts never harm anyone still they always feel in control as long as they know they can use the knife anytime. In such a case the cause of the Obsessive compulsive thoughts was the desire to be in control
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder and distraction: The cause of Obsessive compulsive disorder can be the person's unconscious will to distract himself from something. If the person wants to protect his self esteem by never allowing himself to test his abilities then OCD might develop in order to prevent him from taking this test. In such a case the person believes that he could have achieved his goals if he didn't have an Obsessive compulsive disorder and thus the OCD becomes the excuse he uses to escape and to protect his ego.(see The psychology of self deception)

I am not claiming that these are the only causes for the Obsessive compulsive disorder but i am just trying to let you look at the disorder in a different light.

symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder

The symptoms of OCD can easily be recognized. If you always get obsessive thoughts about doing certain tasks such as washing your hands, washing your face, checking the locks or cleaning your bed then this could be a symptom of OCD.

Some people panic when they get obsessive thoughts for a day or two while in fact you should only consider such obsessive thoughts a true symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder when you keep getting them for prolonged periods of time.

If for example you kept getting obsessive thoughts about washing your hands for few weeks then certainly its a symptom of OCD.

Obsessive compulsive disorder treatment

The reason i am against medication is that they don't solve the problem but they just hide the symptoms of OCD. Of course you can use medication to hide the symptoms but you must be focusing on another treatment method as well.

Just as you saw Obsessive compulsive disorder itself is just a symptom for another life problem that you are unable to deal with.

The perfect way to treat Obsessive compulsive disorder is to find out the real cause behind it and then base your treatment on that root cause.

Lets suppose you found that you get obsessive thoughts about stabbing your husband in order to feel more in control. In such a way learning how to be in control of your life will certainly let the Obsessive compulsive disorder disappear.

Treatment for psychological disorders such as OCD only works when you target the right cause.

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