Why do people commit suicide (suicide causes and methods for suicide prevention)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Reasons for committing suicide

Why do people commit suicide?
and Why would someone take a decision as weird as killing himself?

statistics say that phrases such as "easiest way to commit suicide" or "how to commit suicides painlessly" are very popular search key phrases on the internet!!

This means that each day thousands of new people think about committing suicide and even start searching for easy and painless ways to end their lives.

As a response to knowing this fact i decided to write this article to help you understand the reasons that could motivate someone to commit suicide so that you can help him before its too late.

Why do people commit suicide?

Before you can understand why do people commit suicide you need to know few things about the psychology of the human being.

When a kid is first born the situations he finds himself in forces him to develop a certain life style and this life style shapes his psychological goals for the rest of his life. (see How childhood experiences affect adulthood)

For example if a kid found himself the only child in the house and if his family spoiled him he will grow up trying to live the same spoiled life as an adult.

So what does this has to do with committing suicide? People decide to commit suicide when two things happen together:

  • 1) They find the road towards fulfilling their psychological goals blocked: For example if that spoiled child failed to find a relationship partner who can spoil him or if he found that he can no longer be spoiled he might think about committing suicide.
  • 2) Beliefs, values and committing suicide: Point number one alone is not enough to motivate a person to commit suicide but it will only result in suicidal thoughts. The second factor that must be present in order for suicidal thoughts to turn into actions is the lack of beliefs that can hold the person back. Religious beliefs for example were found to be able to prevent many people who wanted to commit suicide from doing it

Should i commit suicide?

Here is a real life case of a person who started getting suicidal thoughts.
That person was the youngest kid in the family among his other brothers.
Youngest children usually become very ambitious as a result of finding themselves weak compared to their grown up siblings.

That kid did very well in school as a result of his ambition then he did the same in college. When that kid graduated he didn't manage to find a good job and so he became depressed and then started getting suicidal thoughts.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can lead to suicide if the person didn't have any beliefs that could hold him back and fortunately this is why the person in this case didn't commit suicide.

The reason this guy got suicidal thoughts is that he developed a certain life style that made him believe that he should always be the first but now after graduation he found that he is not just an ordinary person but that also he is less than the ordinary because he didn't find a job.

I could give hundreds of examples but the concept will always be the same. People feel like committing suicide when the road to fulfilling their important psychological goals become blocked.

How to prevent suicidal people from committing suicide

In order to prevent suicidal people from committing suicide you must do the following:

  • Don't underestimate suicidal thoughts: When someone you know starts to talk about suicide even if it appeared that he is kidding you must pay extreme attention. Sometimes a person could say it in way that seems harmless like "i am fed up of my life, i want a painless way to commit suicide" while in fact it could be an indication of a big threat to his life
  • Help the person reach his psychological goals: The mistake many people make when they try to prevent someone from committing suicide is that they lock him up instead of trying to understand what's going on in his mind. In fact unless you help that person reach his psychological goals he will try to commit suicide in the first possible chance he gets.

Hope and preventing suicide attempts

The person who wants to commit suicide is someone who lost hope towards reaching an important goal. Once you help this person find hope once again, even if he didn't take any steps yet, he will certainly rethink his decision to suicide.

Help the person take a little step towards that goal and his suicidal thoughts will disappear completely.

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