Spoiled children

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Spoiled children

A spoiled child is a child who was overly nurtured and given everything that he asked for. Contrary to common beliefs spoiling children doesn't make them happy adults but it usually results in severe personality disorders that affects them later on in their lives.

In my article why parents should not spoil children i said that a spoiled child is always not given the chance to deal with life directly and that's why he grows up lacking essential life skills which is something that can make him feel inferior to other people later on.

Inferiority complex can either be caused by making the child feel inferior to others as a result of making fun of one of his defects or either by spoiling the child so much.

Understanding the psychology of spoiled children is extremely important because this knowledge will prevent you from raising unhealthy children and will also help you become healthier if you were spoiled when you were a little child.

Spoiled child personality

Adults grow up trying to recreate the same living conditions they were living in when they were children. For example the only child who was always the center of attention grows up becoming a showy adult in order to maintain his position at the center of attention.

This is really dangerous for a spoiled child because that child got used to get everything that he asks for right away. Now as a result when that spoiled child grows up he will react to life difficulties in one of two ways, he will either fight to get everything that he wants and become extremely competitive or he will either become depressed and feel inferior if he failed to achieve his goals.

Most spoiled children belong to the second category. They first try to force the world to respond to their demands and when they fail they become depressed and feel like losers.

Depression can be understood in a different light now, its the state a person reaches when he fails to successfully recreate the same conditions he used to live in when he was a child.

Spoiled children and social interest

Most spoiled children have little social interest. They don't care about others as much as they care about themselves. They want the whole world to serve them without caring much about giving anything to the world.

Many spoiled children think that marriage is a burden because it will force them to sacrifice time, money and effort for the sake of other family members.

Spoiled children and success in life

The majority of spoiled children become dependent on others when they grow up in order to maintain the life style they used to live when they were children.

Many of them will look for a partner who reminds them of their opposite sexed parent because of believing that he will take care of them the way their parent did.

The Minority of spoiled children develop a powerful belief that they can get anything they want out of life and so they become overly ambitious and extremely successful.

If they achieved what they were after they develop a very high level of confidence because of believing that they have forced life to give them what they want while if they failed to do so they become anxious, depressed and withdrawn.

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