How to feel good about your looks

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to feel good about your looks

Even if a belief was completely wrong still it will become a part of someone's belief system if it was repeated over and over.

When it comes to judging others based on physical looks some people try to promote the "don't judge a book by its cover" principle but since the programming most people get from the media is much more powerful than the efforts of those righteous activists the result becomes assigning an increased importance to physical looks. (see How the media affects people)

The group that gets harmed the most by this belief that most people have in their minds are the ones who are unsure of their looks. Those people feel really bad about themselves when they get rejected because of believing that they were rejected because of their looks.

In order to help those people feel good about their looks i decided to write this article.

5 ways to feel good about your looks

No i am not going to tell you to accept yourself or to love the way you look because while that is a good advice still it wont be accepted by your subconscious mind before a real solid proof is provided that reassures you that you can be accepted by others.

Instead i am going to give you real practical methods that can help you feel good about your looks, here they are:

  • 1) Learn the body language of attraction: Many people start to feel confident about their looks when they find that others are attracted to them and since body language can help you recognize those who are attracted to you at early stages it can help you a lot in improving your self confidence. (See The body language of attraction)
  • 2)Document your achievements: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that our minds will always discard all data that doesn't prove our existing beliefs true. This means that if you believe that you are not attractive then your mind will always let you forget the people who were once attracted to you that's why its extreemly important to document your achievements. By keeping a journal that contains the names of the people who were once attracted to you it will become easier for you to recall them and you will become much more confident. Whenever you have doubts about your looks just go back to that journal and read it. (see also Attracting people to you)
  • 3) Pick the right targets: Some people try to deceive themselves by going for impossible goals just to prove to themselves that they are no good. Some people who have self image problems pick people who appear unfriendly then try to approach them just to prove to themselves that they will get rejected. The thing you must do is to pick the correct target by looking for people who appear to be open and friendly. Again you can use body language to pick your targets. When your subconscious mind finds you succeeding more than once you will start to develop more confidence in your looks
  • 4) Take care of yourself: While this is a common advice still its one of the most important ones that can help you feel good about your looks. Exercise often, sleep well, avoid drugs and dont over stress yourself so that you can look healthy and lively. This will give you a confidence boost
  • 5) Get more mirror exposure: Many people who have poor self image have developed that problem as a result of seeing many pictures of themselves that don't look good. Cameras take two dimensional pictures of people instead of the three dimensional image the human eye sees. It was found that people who look in mirrors more often develop a better self image because of reinforcing their 3D image in their minds (see I look ugly in pictures

Attractiveness psychology and feeling good about your looks

Most people who have self image problems aren't aware of the fact that physical looks is only one part of the attractiveness puzzle and that there are many others factors that contribute to your overall attractiveness other than your physical looks. (see See Attractiveness perception psychology)

Yes physical looks are very important but don't over estimate them because there are many other factors involved in determining your overall attractiveness.

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