How can i learn to accept myself

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How can i learn to accept myself

How can you learn to accept yourself? With everybody talking about self acceptance as a surefire way to build self confidence it makes a lot of sense to learn how to do it.

The main reason most people fail to accept themselves is that the concept of acceptance is completely twisted in their minds. Accepting yourself is not about standing in front of the mirror and saying "i like myself" nor its about loving yourself as you are without making any changes.

In this article i will tell you how can you really learn to accept yourself.

Why you still can't learn to accept and love yourself

Before i can tell you how you can learn to accept yourself i must first tell you how acceptance works.

A person can accept something when his subconscious mind believes that this thing cannot be changed. The main reason people accept death and suffer from breakups is that they know that the person who died can't come back.

So what does this has to do with accepting yourself?
in order to learn how to accept yourself you must:

  • Make sure that you are trying to accept something that cannot be changed: Don't get acceptance wrong like most people do by trying to accept something that can be changed. Your subconscious mind will refuse to accept this fact and you will just end up fooling yourself
  • Acceptance is hard work: Accepting yourself doesn't mean that you should be defeated or helpless but on the contrary acceptance is all about not feeling bad about the current situation while finding another way to improve it. Accepting the loss of your job doesn't mean that you should do nothing but it means that you should be doing your best to find another job. When someone asks me how to accept myself i tell him first you should do something about what you don't like before thinking about acceptance
  • How to love myself?: The same goes for loving yourself. You can't just stand in front of a mirror and say i like myself while you know that you still need to work on many of your personality traits that must be changed

Learning to accept yourself

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that trying to accept yourself without trying to change what you don't like will certainly never help you build self confidence.

If you really want to learn to accept yourself then you must learn first how to change everything that can be changed then accept what cannot be changed.

Yes you must accept your skin color because there is nothing that can be done about it but you should never try to accept the fact that you are not successful because that is something that can be changed.

Do you know why do you feel bad when you try to accept yourself?
Its because trying to accept something that can be changed is the same as admitting defeat.

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