3 Ways to Read People's Minds by their Words

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Reading people through their words

Do you know that the words people say can tell you a lot about their personalities?
Do you know that a single phrase said by a person can help you know a lot about his core needs?
Do you know that analyzing people's words the right way can help you know about the things they are trying to hide?

In my previous article How the words people say reflect their personalities i explained how each and every word people say can tell a lot about their psychological make up, insecurities and core needs. This article is part 2 of that article so you might want to take a look at the first one.

1- Does the person repeat a certain word over and over?

"Man that car is really powerful"
"This color is very strong"
"I don't have the strength to study"

For the first instance those may seem like totally unrelated statements but if you took another look you will discover that the word power or one of its synonyms was mentioned in each phrase.

The allocation of vocabulary inside the mind doesn't happen randomly but the words we say are usually constrained by our core needs, desires and concerns. In other words the guy who said those phrases is concerned about power, strength and of course weakness.

He might want to be strong, he might be thinking that he needs to be stronger or he might be concerned about becoming more powerful.

2- How the stories they tell sound like?

"Yesterday i was walking with two of my friends and a really huge man suddenly appeared out of no where. We thought that he is heading towards us to pick a fight or something but in the last second he looked away and walked past us"

Can you conclude anything from this story?
This story was said by the same person who is concerned about power. The words "huge man" reflects that person's desire to be strong either physically or emotionally.

You might think that any person would have told the story the same way but the fact that the guy left all the other details and focused on the man's size show that this is the thing that concerned him the most.

Do you think that memory works randomly? no that's not true. We only remember the things that affected us the most. You are very likely to remember an event that triggered intense emotions rather than an event that didn't really affect you. (see also How accurate is your memory)

If we heard this story from a different person then some details would certainly be common but new ones would appear and some of the old ones would be omitted. The other important conclusion that can be made from that story is that this guy has a problem with worrying. After all everything that happened was just a result of his perception and not a result of real life events.

The man was just walking towards them and didn't do anything to them but because our friend worries a lot he thought that this man wanted to harm them.

3- What are the hidden messages in their jokes?

In my previous article Assessing a person's beliefs using jokes i explained how the jokes a person says can reflect his beliefs and core needs.

2 days ago i saw few little kids sitting on a nearby table in a restaurant. When the waiter came one of the kids said "I want anything that costs 1 million".

It became very obvious to me that this kid is concerned a lot about money. His family might have taught him that money is very important or he might have suffered because of his family's poor financial resources.

Those were just few examples to show you how you can know a lot of things about any person by just paying attention to his words. The last advice i have for you is to not analyze a single phrase on its own not to get incorrect results. Instead you just need to collect as many phrases as you can and put them side by side then find out what's common between them all. Good luck reading people:)

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