3 ways to know someone's personality by their posts on Facebook

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to collect the data

Can you understand someone's personality by their posts on Facebook or other social networks?

Yes its quite possible. In my previous articles i pointed out how anything that a person says or does can reflect his beliefs and personality traits. But in order to do this correctly you need to take few things into consideration before collecting the data you intend to analyze.

The first thing is that you need a large sample of posts. After all people's moods change all the time and as a result you can never make a conclusion about a person just because he posted something under the effect of a temporary emotion.

You also need to connect different posts together and find out the common things between them. Yes not all posts would be pointing to the same thing but when a group of posts point to the same direction you can confidently say that you found something about that person.

In addition to this you need to understand that even the pictures and the videos the person shares can communicate some information about them. After all a person would rarely share something that goes against his beliefs or core values. (see also Why do people share certain things online & 7 reasons you share certain posts and not others)

3 ways to know someone's personality by their posts on Facebook

  • 1) Is there a word that is repeated over and over?: Is there a certain word that is being repeated over and over in that person's posts? In my article How the words people say reflect their personalities i explained how people use words that reflect their beliefs , inner desires and unconscious psychological goals. If for example you found those words in some of that person's posts "Success, succeed, greatness, achieve, rich, wealth, goal, strive" then you can easily conclude that this person is obsessed with success and wealth even if his posts were talking about different subjects.
  • 2) Do some posts point to the same thing?: A Joke about money, a post about the pay of a famous celebrity and a video about an expensive car clearly point together to that person's desire to make more money. In my previous article Assessing a person's beliefs using jokes i explained how even the jokes people share communicate something about their beliefs. In that case this person might post jokes about rich people, money or expensive stuff. When analyzing someone's personality know that each post counts even if it seemed totally unrelated.
  • 3) Do the person's pictures agree with some of his posts?: If a person used the words "independent" , "alone" in some of his posts and in the same time he had many solo pictures taken then you can confidently assume that he is self reliant and independent. In other words if the pictures a person posts agree with some of his words then you can easily make more accurate conclusions about his personality (see also what people's actions say about their personalities)

How to get accurate readings

The larger the number of posts you can find that point to the same thing the more accurate your findings will be. If for example a girl made 10 posts about relationships in one week then certainly that's the life area that she cares about the most (at least during that phase of her life).

If many of those posts were talking about true love then you can easily assume that either she didn't find it yet or that she is happy with what she found. Now if those posts indicated that she is single then you can confidently conclude that this girl has a problem with finding true love and this is why she is single.

Now by looking at some more of her posts you can easily find out what she means by true love and if it happened that you presented her with that kind of love then there is a great possibility that she will find you much more attractive. (see also 20 surefire ways to make anyone fall in love with you).

See how informative someone's posts can be?

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