What your Halloween costume says about you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Halloween costumes and suppressed desires

Most people struggle throughout their lives to reach the ideal self they always dreamed of. Some of them succeed in their mission while others don't.

A person could dream of becoming strong but fail to do so and as a result develop a powerful desire to acquire more strength. Another person could dream of being able to help and protect his close ones but fail to do it as well.

All of these desires don't get wiped out from the memory of a person but they remain their and affect the way he behaves throughout his life. (see How your past affects your present)

Earlier i said that the music that you listen to, the way you walk, talk and dress up reflect some of your innermost desires and the good news is that Halloween costumes are no different.

What your Halloween costume says about you

Here are few examples that will help you understand how a person's psychological needs can determine the costume he will wear for Halloween.

  • 1) The cat-woman: Since her early years she resented her parents for preferring her male brothers over her. Their actions unconsciously taught her that females are weak and not as important as males. Since that time she unconsciously became attracted to whatever can give females more power (see also Tomboy psychology). During the Halloween she never understood why she wanted to dress up as cat-woman but had she dug more in her past she would have understood that her costume reflected one of her most important desires; the desire to be as strong or even stronger than a man.
  • 2) The doctor: His father left the house when he was 5 years old. Everyday he used to watch his helpless mom doing her best to support what's remaining of the family. He always wished he had the power to help her and to heal her pain but he never did. The idea of becoming a healer appealed the most to him though he never understood the real reason. During Halloween he picked the Doctor's costume without knowing that this costume reflected one of his most important unmet needs which is the desire to heal people
  • 3) The Superman: His parents always used to compare him to his older brothers. He was doing his best to catch up with them but he always felt that they were stronger and more powerful than he is. During sleepless nights he used to imagine himself as a super hero who is faster and more powerful than anybody he ever knew including his two brothers. That desire remained deep inside him but took different forms throughout his life and when the Halloween came that desire manifested itself in the form of a Superman Costume.
  • 4) Minnie: Throughout her life she used to avoid facing problems at all costs. When things got bad all what she focused on was to do something new to distract herself. She was never brave enough to face her problems yet she never admitted that fact. Distracting herself and escaping were her preferred coping methods because they never allowed her to see the real world. She always wondered why she liked to dress up like cartoon characters but if she became a little brave she would have discovered that these costumes reflect her desire to escape from whatever is real in that world
  • 5) Pregnant woman: She always worried on her birthdays because she was too afraid to get old. The root cause of her fear was that was afraid to end up alone because she was still single. Most of her friends were already engaged and married. In the Halloween the pregnant lady costume appealed to her the most without noticing that this custom reflected what she wanted most in life
  • 6) The ring costume: Do you remember that terrifying girl in the movie the ring? Our friend picked it for Halloween. She always felt that she lacked control over her life and she was striving to be in control. She started developing an obsessive compulsive disorder without knowing that the main reason she developed it was to feel in control. By doing the same tasks she is used to over and over she regains some of that lost control (see OCD psychology). Now what can make someone more in control than representing a scary character? During a horror movie all actors feel afraid except for the one who kills them! The serial killer, the ghost and the horrifying characters are the ones that experience no fear or in other words; they are the ones in control the most

Its not that simple

Don't start making conclusions about people right after reading this article because human beings aren't that simple. 10 different people could be wearing the same costume for ten different reasons.

In order to really understand the connection between a person's costume and his personality you gotta know more information about his past. Only then you will be able to connect the dots correctly.

Happy Halloween!

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