How your past affects your present

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How your past affects your present

Do you know that your current feelings, your personality traits and your current behaviour were shaped by the past events you have been through?

Do you know that all the experiences that you have been through when you were a little child are dramatically impacting your life right now even the ones that might seem irrelevant or insignificant?

Do you know that your past is currently affecting your present and that it will keep affecting your future as long as you don't become aware of the connection between your past and your future?

The impact of the past on your present life

Early childhood memories are the source from which children start to form their beliefs about the world. If for example a little child believed that his parents are giving more attention to his little sister then he might develop the belief that his parents don't love him the way they love his little sister.

But how can this past event affect the life of that kid later on? Simply that kid might always believe that someone else will be preferred over him wherever he goes!

When that kid grows up and gets married he might start to believe that his wife is cheating on him whenever she smiles to other men. In such a case the old belief that was developed at the past impacted the way the man sees life!

This was just a simple example demonstrating how a single past event can affect the person's present life greatly.

Now how many similar past events have contributed to your current beliefs?
And can you imagine the impact the hundreds of events you have been through, when you were a kid, can have on your life right now?

How to prevent your past from impacting your present

So how can you prevent your past from impacting your present?
The first step you need to take is to become aware of the childhood experiences that affected you the most.

The good news is that such memories can rarely be forgotten. This means that if you tried to recall the most important past memories then you are very likely to only remember the ones that shaped your belief system the most. (see Why do we forget things and remembers others)

Next you need to find out if you made a mistake while interpreting any of these events. For example if your father was distant and as a result you concluded that all men were cold then this interpretation must be recognized as a mistake. (see also How to forgive your parents)

The final step you must do in order to prevent this incorrect interpretation from affecting your present is to replace that false belief you acquired with the right one. (see Removing self limiting beliefs)

The impact your past has on your present is extreemly powerful and unless you learn how to connect your past to your future then your whole life might be impacted in a bad way.

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