Early memories of childhood

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Early memories of childhood

What situations come into your mind when someone asks you to remember your childhood memories?

i know you have lots and lots of childhood memories but what are the ones that jump into your mind first when you recall your childhood? i am sure there are three or four situations that you can hardly forget and that you recall often.

Your early childhood memories are more important than you think. They are not just memories that remind you of things that happened but they are usually important keys for opening many doors that can help you understand your personality even more.

in this article i will tell you about the psychology of childhood memories.

Psychology of childhood memories

Earlier i said that in the first few years you form the psychological goals you will pursue for the rest of your life (unless you get coaching). These psychological goals can always be used to explain your actions and behaviour. (see Understanding someone's behaviour)

For example if the child concluded that life is dangerous as a result of being pampered then he might develop the goal of hesitation which will force him to change jobs often, to move from one relationship to another and to be indecisive general. (see spoiled children psychology

Usually when a person is asked about an early memory he recalls a one that perfectly describes his psychological goals even though he is usually unaware of them.

For example if we asked that person in the previous example to recall an early memory he might reply saying something like "i was watching my mother who was about to leave the house to go shopping and i was not sure whether i should go with her or stay home with my father. I kept thinking and thinking until she pulled me from my hand and dragged me to the door"

Its clear that the early memory of that child reflects his psychological goal of hesitation which he might not be aware of as a grown up. (see Why do people hesitate)

Distorted childhood memories

According to individual psychology people don't recall the events that happened to them correctly but instead they recall them in a way that best describes their unconscious psychological goals.

for example that child might have never experienced that situation but he just believed it happened because his psychological goals make him see life in a certain way. If he had a brother and you asked him about that same memory he might describe it from a completely different perspective which might also be far away from reality.

our memories are no different than our perception. They are subject to distortion, addition and deletion. The conclusion we can now make is that you can use your childhood memories to understand your unconscious psychological goals so that you can improve your life.

Once you understand your psychological goals you will get a better idea about the reasons behind your different behaviors and as a result you will be able to change many of your unwanted behaviors.

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