Why do people hesitate

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people hesitate

Why do people hesitate?
According to psychology people always move in directions that helps them satisfy important unmet needs but if that's the case then how come some people keep hesitating in such a way that prevents them from reaching their goals?

Why would someone who always wanted to have a good career change his job each few month?
The answer to this question is simple, that person's psychological goal is to never take any step and he perfectly achieves this goal by hesitating!!

If you want to understand more why people hesitate then read this article.

This is why some people hesitate

During childhood each person comes up with certain psychological goals that he sticks to for the rest of his life.

If for example the child found controlling parents he might develop stubbornness. Such behaviour ensures that the person will escape from any future control attempt imposed on him.

Now some people develop the goal of remaining where they are and this is where hesitation comes from. Here are 2 examples that will make everything clear:

  • Fear of testing self worth: If a child was raised in such a way that he lacked self esteem he might want to avoid taking any step that can remind him of the fact that he is no good. That child will dread failure and as a result his psychological goal will be to hesitate as much as he can so that he never takes any step!! Of course that child will never be aware of the fact that he is hesitating on intention because that will be the unconscious defense mechanism his mind is using to protect his self esteem (see How the subconscious mind affects behaviour)
  • Incorrect understanding of failure: Some people were taught that making mistakes makes them worthless. As a result those people decided not to accomplish anything in life just not to make mistakes along the way. Again those people are not aware of the fact that their hesitation is caused by their unconscious psychological goals. A perfect example for such hesitation would be the person who changes his career or job each few month. By doing so he is preventing himself from continuing anything to the end and so eliminating the possibility of failure

People hesitate because they want to hesitate

Contrary to common beliefs those who hesitate often aren't the ones who really want to take a step in life but they are the ones who want to remain where they are because that serves their most important psychological goal (protecting their self esteem).

Are you among those people?
Do you procrastinate for months without beginning on your important tasks?
Do you always fear to take a new step?
Do you move 1 step forward then 2 steps backward?

If that's the case then you need to develop the one trait that will turn your life around completely which is courage.

Success can never happen without initial failure
If you don't want to fail then that's OK but put in mind that remaining where you are for years while everyone else is going forward is the worst failure that can ever happen to anyone.

Be brave
stop hesitation today
Change your own destiny

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