what people's actions say about their personalities

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The connection between behaviour and personality

As much as human beings are complex there are still some ways that can help you understand their personalities perfectly in very short periods of time. The actions people do, the things they buy or even the words they say can tell a lot about their personalities.

Before i can tell you how to analyze a person's personality you first need to know few facts about personality analysis:

  • Each person has one or more important psychological goals: Each person has certain psychological goals that he will eagerly try to achieve whether his is aware of them or not. Examples of these goals could be showing off, being the first,becoming powerful, controlling everything including people or becoming superior (see also Psychological identities and behaviour)
  • The way a person was raised determines these goals: The way a person was raised and the environmental conditions that existed during his childhood usually determines the goals he will try to fullfil for the rest of his life(see How children develop their personalities)
  • Every action leads to the fulfillment of an important goal: Each action a person takes will have the purpose of serving one of his important psychological goals. If that person had only one important psychological goal then each and everything he does will have the purpose of serving that goal (see also Unmet needs psychology)

what people's actions say about their personalities

In order to best understand these concepts ill give you a real life example. Martin was the youngest among his 3 brothers. His brothers used to beat often just because they were physically more powerful than him. (see also Birth order and personality)

Because Martin couldn't do anything about it he just started to fantasize about being a super hero and that was one main reason he had batman and superman posters above his bed. Martin's subconscious mind started to assign a high weight to power and whatever can be done to acquire it. (see Why do we fantasize and day dream)

When Martin went to school he started encountering bullies who used to beat him as well. The apprentice of bullies in his life made the old wound much worse and as a result he started having an intense desire to become powerful.

All of these things happened at the back of Martin's mind and so he wasn't really aware why he developed a strong attachment to certain hobbies. During his teen-hood Martin started practicing Kung Fu and he never understood why it made him feel that satisfied.

When he was old enough to buy a car he never understood why he got so much attracted to 4x4, large cars and american muscle models. Had he peaked inside his subconscious mind he would have found that his mind was trying to give him all the tools that can help him become more powerful.

How little actions serve the bigger purpose

Few of martin's friends knew that he was on steroids. While many people warned him of their possible dangers of Martin couldn't just resist the urge to become bigger and more powerful.

When he started working at the first time of his life he got too obsessed with the power money can bring a person. He noticed how some rich men can over power others just because they have enough money and since then he started a quest to become rich.

Even martin's words reflected the desire for power he had deep inside. "That's the most powerful soloution i have heard in my life" Said Martin. Even the words we say can give indications of the unmet desires we have. Martin used words such as "power","strong" and "superior" more often just because his mind wanted more of them.

This was just a simple example to show you how a person's behaviour is determined by the goals he formed during his childhood.

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