How people's psychological identities affect their behavior

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How people's psychological identities affect their behavior

Why do people behave the way they do?
What are the forces that affect a person's behavior?

In my previous articles i said that there are many factors that affect the way a person behaves such as his past childhood experiences, his birth order and the way he was raised. One of the forces that greatly impacts the way people behave are the psychological identities they develop.

A male friend of mine ,who is considered fairly attractive to most women, is extremely obsessed with his looks. He stands in front of the mirror more than other men and is extremely sensitive to any changes to his looks even if they were too tiny.

Because that person has always considered himself an "Attractive player" he became very attached to this identity in such a way that it became his main source of self esteem.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that when a person becomes attached to a certain identity he feels more worthy when he moves closer to it and less worthy when he is pushed away from it.

People do their best to protect their main identities and as a result they change their behavior.

How people change their behavior to protect their identities

My friend changed his behavior by spending more time in front of the mirror. As a result this friend started to arrive late to appointments and he became known for his lack of punctuality.

When analyzing the behavior of that person without taking his main identity into consideration you will certainly come up with wrong conclusions about him.

The guy arrives late because he spends a lot of time protecting his main identity. That person believes that his looks is a precious asset and if anything happened to it then he will lose his main identity and his self esteem along with it.

People go lengths to protect their identities and as a result they completely change their behavior. A successful man who gains his self esteem from his success will fight to death to protect his identity and to remain successful.

Any threat to a person's main identity will result in anxiety and excessive worrying. This is why we can understand emotions better if we looked at them through a different lens. Emotions might be nothing more than guidelines the mind uses to help a person protect his main identity. (see also Understanding depression and anxiety from a different angle)

Protecting the wrong identity

Why do some people fear money or success?
I am not talking about the group of people who move forward with disregard to their fears but i am talking about those who never take actions then blame their fears for it.

Those people are the ones who protect the wrong identities such as "the laid back" or "the lazy". Believe it or not some people want to be called lazy just because they are too afraid to experience a change in identity.

Its better for them to be called lazy or even airheads than to take the risk to look for a new identity. In other words those people are the ones who are too afraid to come out of their comfort zones and as a result they do their best to protect the wrong identities.

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